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Nebraska Toy Stories
The Playroom

A growing middle class at the beginning of the twentieth century meant that some parents had more time to spend with their children and more money to spend on them. Playrooms in the home became popular, complete with child- or doll-sized furniture and an assortment of toys.

musical rocking chair hand made circus train desk and telephone the playroom

Desk with 1920s toy telephone, and 1930s musical rocking chair and stuffed toys "Peeta" and "Pam", Inez Holland House "Adorables". Charles F. Dodge of Fremont made the circus train as a Christmas gift for his daughters, Catherine and Margaret, in 1902 or 1903.


Playroom in the John Kasparek home, Albion, Nebraska, 1914


Rabbit glider that belonged to the Courtenay family of Lincoln, 1900-10

donkey   wienerdog

The donkey pull toy belonged to Ruth Sheldon of Nehawka, Nebraska, during the 1920s. Charles W. Bayerlein of Lincoln made the dog pull toy around 1930.

pony   kiddie car

Faith Kimberly's students used the stick pony in her Lincoln classroom during the 1940s.
Ruth Sheldon's grandfather gave her a wooden kiddie car for Christmas in 1921.

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