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Weird Nebraska A famous sandwich may have been invented in Omaha? 

According to Omaha lore, the Reuben Sandwich was dreamed up at Omaha's Blackstone Hotel in 1925 by Reuben Kulakofsky, a local grocer, to feed a group of late-night poker players. Charles Schimmel, one of the players and the hotel's owner, liked it so much he put it on the menu of The Plush Horse, the hotel restaurant. A competing claim comes from the family of Arnold Reuben, who owned a series of New York City restaurants. Although there is evidence that a sandwich similar to the classic Reuben was served at Arnold Reuben's restaurants, only family stories substantiate his claim to THE Reuben Sandwich.


This mid-1940s menu from The Plush Horse restaurant clearly lists the Reuben Sandwich. Newspaper accounts report that a 1937 menu from the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln is the first written evidence of the Reuben's existence. At that time, the Schimmel family also owned the Cornhusker Hotel.
Source: Douglas County Historical Society, Omaha


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