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Nominees are being sought for Nebraska State Historical Society awards.


Currently there are six awards given in the name of the Nebraska State Historical Society: t he Robert W. Furnas Memorial Award; the Asa T. Hill Memorial Award; the Nebraska Preservation Award; the James C. Olson Memorial Award, the James L. Sellers Memorial Award; and the Addison E. Sheldon Memorial Award.

THE ROBERT W. FURNAS MEMORIAL AWARD (pdf), recognizes outstanding contributions or assistance to the Nebraska State Historical Society, either long-term service or a significant one-time contribution.

THE ASA T. HILL MEMORIAL AWARD (pdf) recognizes an individual or organization for contributions in the field of Great Plains archeology These may be through a research project or interpretation of an archeological site or complex. Publications, exhibits, or on-site interpretations all qualify.

THE NEBRASKA PRESERVATION AWARD (pdf) The Nebraska Preservation Award was created in 1988 to recognize significant achievements in historic preservation in Nebraska by an individual or organization. The award is given for one of two categories: "brick and mortar projects," or "individual or group achievements."

THE JAMES C. OLSON MEMORIAL AWARD (pdf) recognizes Nebraska K-12 teachers who epitomize the best Nebraska educators have to offer in engaging, inspiring and guiding their students to discover, enjoy and learn from the fascinating and important histories we share.

THE JAMES L. SELLERS MEMORIAL AWARD (pdf) recognizes the best article published in Nebraska History Journal in the course of the previous year.

THE ADDISON E. SHELDON MEMORIAL AWARD (pdf) recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to the preservation and interpretation of Nebraska History. Individuals and organizations can qualify for the Sheldon Award for long-term contributions to history or for an important one-time accomplishment.

For further information about the Nebraska State Historical Society Awards contact:

Lana Hatcher
Executive Assistant
Nebraska State Historical Society
P.O. Box 82554
Lincoln, NE 68501-2554

Phone: 402.471.3272

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