Alvin Saunders Johnson Bronze Bust for the Nebraska Hall of Fame


Artists interested in producing a cast bronze sculpture of
Alvin Saunders Johnson for the Nebraska Hall of Fame

must  complete an online submission for this RFQ.

For more information about Alvin Saunders Johnson,
see "About Alvin Saunders Johnson" below.

Project Budget : $15,000-$25,000

Submission Deadline: Friday, July 12, 2013 at 12 p.m. Midnight (CT)

Online Submission Fee: $18

Questions?: Call 402.471.4955 or email

The RFQ, online submission instructions, selection criteria and bust specifications can be found by visiting

Project Summary
The Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission, an agency of the State of Nebraska, seeks to provide a permanent cast bronze bust of Alvin Saunders Johnson (1874-1971) for the Nebraska Hall of Fame. The sculpture will be located in the Nebraska Capitol, Lincoln.

A selection committee composed of members of the Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission, Nebraska Arts Council, and the descendents of Alvin Saunders Johnson is established to select the artist.

The sculpture should:

  1. Represent a realistic representation of Alvin Saunders Johnson
  2. Create interest in Alvin Saunders Johnson as a member of the Nebraska Hall of Fame;
  3. Educate State Capitol visitors about the life and contributions of Alvin Saunders Johnson.

About Alvin Saunders Johnson
Alvin Saunders Johnson, Nebraska native, gained national and international recognition as economist, educator, humanitarian, social activist, writer, and editor.

Born on a northeast Nebraska farm near Homer in 1874, he grew up embracing the values and work ethic of farm life. At age eighteen, he enrolled at the University of Nebraska, receiving both his bachelors and masters degrees in the classics. He pursued graduate work in economics at Columbia University, where he received his Ph.D. in 1902. His remarkable career was marked by diversity-economic theorist, historian, and professor at several American universities. He co-founded and led, for twenty-two years, the New School for Social Research, which today is recognized as the model for adult education in America. Within the New School, he founded the University in Exile as a haven for refugee European intellectuals fleeing Nazi persecution. He served as editor of the initial Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, was a leader in framing our nation's first non-discrimination legislation, and was an editor of The New Republic. He was a prolific writer, authoring two novels, three collections of short stories (the last at age eighty-nine), and an autobiography in addition to his influential academic writing. Each of his career highlights could be independently judged as exemplary; collectively they reflect on a remarkable individual of whom Nebraskans can be justifiably proud.

Throughout his career, Johnson often credited the values instilled in him while living and studying in Nebraska. His immigrant father was a strong believer in racial and social equality, and his mother, also born in Denmark, was a strong feminist with a great appreciation of classical literature. These traits were passed on to Alvin from early childhood and became the foundation of his intellectual fabric, work ethic, and his extraordinary influence on American cultural and intellectual life.

Bust Specifications

·         Material: The bust must be cast bronze.

·         Dimensions: Bust specifications, including dimensions, mounting, and fitting for a limestone pedestal are provided as part of this RFQ-- visit

·         Quality: The sculpture must be durable and have a safe mounting.

·         Aesthetic: Bust must be inviting, appropriate to the location at the Nebraska State Capitol and represent a naturalistic representation of Alvin Saunders Johnson--see photo 1 and photo 2  for images of Johnson.

·         A duplicate bust must meet these same specifications.

The Alvin Saunders Johnson bust selection committee has a project budget range between $15,000-$25,000.

Duplicate Bust Purchase:  In past projects, the committee has received requests from another party for a duplicate of the original cast bronze bust. The committee requests that artists be capable of fulfilling this request as a condition of the project. If the duplicate bust project is realized, additional funding will be made available for the duplicate and this transaction will be negotiated with the selected artist at the Commission Phase. Artists will be asked in the Submission Phase to provide both an estimate for the cost of producing the original bust and a separate estimate for the cost of producing a copy of the original bust.

Artist Eligibility
All professional artists, eighteen years of age and older, regardless of their race, gender, creed, religion or disability are eligible to submit a proposal.

Selection Criteria
The artist will be selected based on: professional resume, quality of past work, demonstrated ability to complete projects in a timely manner and within budget, provision of proof of insurance as required, and a demonstrated desire to work with the Alvin Saunders Johnson Hall of Fame selection committee.


Selection considerations include the artist's willingness to learn about Alvin Saunders Johnson and his service to Nebraska, to have dialogue with the Alvin Saunders Johnson selection committee, and to apply the information to concepts and meet specifications, budgets, insurance requirements and schedules.

PHASE ONE -- RFQ Submission Phase
Artists interested in the Alvin Saunders Johnson sculpture project must submit the following using the Nebraska Arts Council (NAC) online application website, called SlideRoom. (see Online Submission Process):

1. Statement of interest -- Summarizes the artist's interest in the project, qualifications and expertise as they relate to the requirements of this project. The artist's philosophy and approach to art in similar projects of this scale is encouraged.

2. Resume -- Current professional resume including any past experience relevant to this project.

3. References -- Include professional references that have an intimate knowledge of the artist's work. The list must include names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

NOTE: Items 1-3 are completed using an online form—It is recommended to prepare the text (do not use complicated formatting—it may not paste correctly) in advance using a word processor and then cut and paste these items into the form.

4. Digital Portfolio of up to ten (10) past artworks -- For each artwork submitted, please upload images (use JPEG format--do not exceed 1 MB per image) from three different viewpoints of the piece (a total of  up to three (3) images per artwork submitted). 

NOTE: Artists may combine the additional two alternate views of an artwork into one JPEG image, if the alternate views can be clearly seen in the combined image.  Include at least one JPEG image of a single main view of the artwork with the combined alternate views image. 

NOTE: Digital image descriptions  The title of work, description of work, completion date, medium, dimensions, commission location, the budget/price of the work, and the commissioning agent  must be completed for each of the images.

6. Reviews -- The artist may include up to three (3) selections of supporting materials such as reviews, news articles, or related information.   

NOTE: Scan these articles and combine them into a single PDF file for uploading.

7. Submission Fee   A one-time $18 online submission fee is required in the final step of the submission, and is payable via credit card or PayPal account.

Online Submission Process

The RFQ submission and review will be conducted using the Nebraska Arts Council (NAC)  online application website, called SlideRoom. Artists will register (sign in with a user-created name and password) and submit  the materials (described above) using this website. Since the online review is web-based, those who use the site will simply need an internet connection and a modern web browser. There is nothing to download or install. Those with prepared digital files and text can quickly upload their submission within minutes.

The link to the NAC SlideRoom website is:

The NAC SlideRoom website offers complete instructions for submitting work and includes a preview of the online form. For technical assistance, a video tutorial is available at the site and applicants may access the online help desk at

For other questions about the project which are non-technical in nature, contact Deb McWilliams at 402.471.4955 or email  

Artists must submit online by 12 p.m. midnight (CT) on Friday, July 12, 2013.   

PHASE TWO -- Competition Phase
Submissions will be reviewed by the sculpture selection committee which may select one or more finalists. The selected finalists will then be interviewed by the sculpture selection committee.  Interviews may be conducted online, via phone or on-site in Lincoln, Nebraska.  More than one interview may be required of finalists.  Artists’ expenses for preparing materials for the interview process and (if required by the committee) for coming to Lincoln for an on-site interview, will not be paid.

 The Alvin Saunders Johnson sculpture selection committee reserves the right to reject any or all applications at any time during the Submission and Competition Phases of the project. The Alvin Saunders Johnson selection committee is not responsible for the loss or damage of materials submitted.  Incomplete or late submissions WILL NOT be accepted, or reviewed.





The awarding of the commission will take place by Friday, August 2, 2013.

PHASE THREE: -- Commission Phase

A binding agreement for the commissioned work will be negotiated.  Creation Phase of the project will commence upon the successful execution of an agreement.  The selected artist will be required to provide proof of insurance.  See Insurance Requirements included within this document.

PHASE FOUR -- Creation Phase
This phase will consist of the creation of a cast bronze sculpture by the artist and approval of the cast bronze sculpture by the selection committee (see project timeline).   If a duplicate bust is purchased, it is also expected to be created during this time.

PHASE FIVE -- Commemoration Phase
This phase will consist of the unveiling of the sculpture in the Nebraska Hall of Fame, State Capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Project Timeline for Alvin Saunders Johnson Project
(The selection committee reserves the right to change the proposed timeline)

Monday, June 17, 2013: RFQ is available

Friday, July 12, 2013: Deadline for Responses to the RFQ 12:00 PM MIDNIGHT (CT)

July 12-July 30, 2013: Artist selection committee will judge submissions. Finalists will be selected and interviewed;  (Thursday, July 18, 2013, first interview; Tuesday, July 30, 2013, if needed)

Friday, August 2, 2013: Awarding of the project

Dates to be determined: Selection committee reviews the bust progress.

Friday, March 14, 2014: Sculpture is delivered to the Office of the Capitol Commission at the Nebraska Capitol. If purchased, the duplicate bust is also delivered at this time to a site in Lincoln TBA.

Friday, June 6, 2014: Unveiling and celebration of the Alvin Saunders Johnson bust. (Sculptor’s presence requested.)



This successful artist will be placed on contract by the State of Nebraska. Said contract will specify that work will not commence until he or she has obtained all the insurance required hereunder and such insurance has been approved by the State. The Contractor shall not allow any Subcontractor to commence work on his or her subcontract until all similar insurance required of the Subcontractor has been obtained and approved by the State (or Contractor). Approval of the insurance by the State shall not limit, relieve or decrease the liability of the Contractor hereunder.

If by the terms of any insurance a mandatory deductible is required, or if the Contractor elects to increase the mandatory deductible amount, the Contractor shall be responsible for payment of the amount of the deductible in the event of a paid claim.

The Contractor shall take out and maintain during the life of this Contract the statutory Workers' Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance for all of the Contactors' employees to be engaged in work on the project under this Contract and, in case any such work is sublet, the Contractor shall require the Subcontractor similarly to provide Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance for all of the Subcontractor's employees to be engaged in such work. This policy shall be written to meet the statutory requirements for the state in which the work is to be performed, including Occupational Disease. Where applicable, this policy shall provide USL&H coverage. This policy shall include a waiver of subrogation in favor of the State. The amounts of such insurance shall not be less than the limits stated hereinafter.

The Contractor shall take out and maintain during the life of this Contract such Commercial General Liability Insurance and Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance as shall protect Contractor and any Subcontractor performing work covered by this Contract from claims for damages for bodily injury, including death, as well as from claims for property damage, which may arise from operations under this Contract, whether such operation be by the Contractor or by any Subcontractor or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by either of them, and the amounts of such insurance shall not be less than limits stated hereinafter.

The Commercial General Liability Insurance shall be written on an occurrence basis, and provide Premises/Operations, Products/Completed Operations, Independent Contractors, Personal Injury and Contractual Liability coverage. The policy shall include the State, and others as required by the Contract Documents, as an Additional Insured. This policy shall be primary, and any insurance or self-insurance carried by the State shall be considered excess and non-contributory. The Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance shall be written to cover all Owned, Non-owned and Hired vehicles.



 Coverage A


 Coverage B


 Bodily Injury by Accident

 $100,000 each accident

 Bodily Injury by Disease

 $500,000 policy limit

 Bodily Injury by Disease

 $100,000 each employee


 General Aggregate


 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate


 Personal/Advertising Injury

 $1,000,000 any one person

 Bodily Injury/Property Damage

 $1,000,000 per occurrence

 Fire Damage

 $50,000 any one fire

 Medical Payments

 $5,000 any one person


 Bodily Injury/Property Damage

 $1,000,000 combined single limit


 Over Primary Insurance

 $1,000,000 per occurrence

The sculptor that is selected shall furnish the Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission on Friday, August 1, 2013, a certificate of insurance coverage complying with the above requirements, which shall be submitted to the Nebraska Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 82554, Lincoln, NE 68501-2554, or to  A cover sheet shall reference "Alvin Saunders Johnson Project," and the certificates shall include the name of the company, policy numbers, effective dates, dates of expiration and amounts and types of coverage afforded. If the State is damaged by the failure of the sculptor to maintain such insurance, then the sculptor shall be responsible for all reasonable costs properly attributable thereto.

Notice of cancellation of any required insurance policy must be submitted to the Hall of Fame Commission, P.O. Box 82554, Lincoln, NE 68501-2554, when issued and a new coverage binder shall be submitted immediately to ensure no break in coverage.