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What are the benefits of membership?

Subscription Only Members Enjoy ($32/year):

Full Members Enjoy ($40/year and up):

How long does my membership last?

Twelve full months no matter when you join. You will receive a renewal notice prior to your membership expiration. You can renew through the mail, over the phone, or while at one of the NSHS sites across the state.

How long does it take to receive my membership card?

It typically takes two weeks after the membership office receives your application.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

Contact the membership office at 402-471-3272 or . We will replace the card at no charge.

Can I give gift memberships?

Memberships can be given as gifts - just let us know whom you would like to receive a membership as a gift. We will notify the recipient(s) of your gift.


Contact us at:

Nebraska State Historical Society
Attn: Membership Coordinator
1500 R Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-82554
Phone: 402-471-3272
Toll free: 800-833-6747

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