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The NSHS Archeology Program preserves, enhances, explores, and interprets Nebraska�s archeological resources for the benefit of the public and the advancement of science.

The NSHS Archeology Program is the clearinghouse for archeological activity within the state. The NSHS maintains a master file of all archeological projects conducted and sites discovered in the state, and curates primary records from NSHS research as well as that of various other individuals, agencies, and institutions.  Archeology Program staff manage and analyze archeological collections recovered primarily through NSHS fieldwork.   Professional archeologists and students may be allowed access to archeological records and collections by appointment only.

Archeological records searches for Section 106 compliance should be directed to the Curator of Archeological Collections:

Archeology staff members are actively involved in field and laboratory research and most of these efforts are conducted on a contract basis to government agencies and private concerns involved in land modification projects. The most active component of this research is the Nebraska Highway Archeology Program. The Society works closely with the Nebraska Department of Roads and the Federal Highway Administration to identify and protect important archeological sites and historic structures in the path of road construction.

The archeology staff also assists local law enforcement when human skeletal remains are inadvertently unearthed and provide forensic expertise. Staff work with descendant tribes and families to ensure remains are properly repatriated.


Trisha Nelson (Curator, Archeological Collections)

Phone: 402-471-4760


Katie Paitz (Staff Assistant, Highway Archeology Program)

Phone: 402-471-3352


Mailing Address

Nebraska State Historical Society


P.O. Box 82554

Lincoln NE 68501-2554


Street Address

Nebraska History Museum

15th and P Streets

Lincoln NE 68508


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