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Archeological Research and Resources

Research Services

Staff are available to identify age, function, and cultural affiliation of artifacts. It is not uncommon that all archeologists are in the field, so please call in advance of your visit to have artifacts identified. We are also pleased to provide information on the archeology of a county or region of the state.

Records and Collections Management

Resources available to you in the archeology office include inventories of archeological artifacts and sites and published articles related to archeology. The Archeology Division can also provide a listing of archeological sites without their legal description. Specific legal descriptions or locations of archeological sites are not made public due to problems with vandalism and trespassing. Site locations are provided for Indian tribes and cultural resource managers working on behalf of public agencies.

Current Research

Highlights of current research projects.


Download PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) publications which balance archeological conservation and the public's desire to participate in research. A new publication series, Explore Nebraska Archeology, has been developed to meet the needs of the public.

Unmarked Burials

Nebraska law regarding unmarked burials.

Nebraska Highway Archeology Program

The Department of Roads and the Nebraska State Historical Society have teamed up to evaluate all bridges, standing structures, and archeological sites potentially impacted by road construction.

Investigations in State Parks

Game and Parks provides funding for Society archeology crews to excavate building foundations and other historic features in Nebraska's state parks.

State Patrol Crime Lab Investigations

The State Patrol frequently asks Society archeologists to accompany them on field investigations of possible crime scenes.

Participating in Archeological Preservation

The Society invites the public to contact us about volunteer opportunities.

Nebraska Department of Roads Grant

A grant of $56,000 was recently awarded to the Society to develop a GIS (Geographic Information System) computerized map layer of known archeological, historic, and cultural sites in Nebraska.



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