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Central Plains Archeology is published as a cooperative undertaking between the Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists and the Nebraska State Historical Society. Members of the Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists receive numbers of Central Plains Archeology that are issued during their period of membership. Claims for non-receipt or damaged copies can be made within 90 days of the publication date for replacement.
For membership information contact:
Kelli Bacon, NAPA Membership Chairperson
Archeology Division, Nebraska State Historical Society
P.O. Box 82554
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-2554
(402) 471-4766
Notice to Authors
Central Plains Archeology publishes papers on the archeology of the Central Plains area of North America. Manuscripts submitted must be typed and double-spaced on one side of the sheet only; include one hard copy and an electronic copy (IBM-PC compatible disc, in any popular, common language). Provide an abstract of less than 150 words that specifically refers to text material. Keep endnotes to a minimum. Set text citations in parentheses. List references alphabetically by author and chronologically by year. All artwork and tables must be camera ready. Submit illustrations as black-on-white drawings or as photographs. Number all figures sequentially and provide each with captions. Type tables on separate pages, numbered sequentially, with headings. If artwork and/or tables were generated electronically, submit both camera-ready and electronic versions. For specifics, follow the style guide in American Antiquity 57(4):749­770, with one notable exception: provide authors' names in the references section as they appeared in the papers being cited (full names, unless initials were used in the original).
All manuscripts and questions should be addressed to the Central Plains Archeology editors.
Amy Koch
Fort Robinson Museum
PO Box 304
3200 W Hwy 20
Crawford NE   69339-030
Donna Roper
Kansas State University

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