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Central Plains Archeology


Volume 1, Number 1 (1987), 107 pages     Newly available in limited quantity

A Great Oasis Fauna from Central Nebraska
John R. Bozell and Mary K. Rogers

Vertebrate remains recovered from a Great Oasis culture refuse pit at the Packer site in Sherman County, Nebraska are considered in this paper. The sample achieves significance in that it is the first Great Oasis fauna retrieved in Nebraska using fine screen recovery, and is from a site nearly 150 miles south and west of the documented Great Oasis territory. Analysis indicates bone refuse was likely deposited in the pit during the period December through May and represents exploitation of a diverse array of locally available vertebrates. Key taxa include bison, deer, grouse or prairie chicken, and canids. Comparison with other available samples suggests the Packer site occupants practiced a vertebrate procurement strategy which differed in many respects from that of Great Oasis populations in Iowa and Minnesota.

Nehawka Flint in the Paleoindian Occupation of the High Plains

Thomas P. Myers

Gray chert projectile points from Yuma County, Colorado, suggest that Paleoindian exchange networks extended from the central High Plains eastward to the Missouri River as well as to the Knife River, and Alibates quarries. Examination of the exchange networks of living hunter - gatherers indicate that finished projectile points are commonly conveyed. At the present level of our knowledge, these living exchange networks are an adequate model for what was taking place on the plains some 10,000 years ago.

Pawnee Archaeology
John M. O'Shea

This overview of Pawnee archaeology builds on Wedel's classic synthesis and summarizes the contribution of fifty years of subsequent archaeological research. The review briefly summarizes the salient features of Pawnee culture and history, to provide a context in which Pawnee archaeology and material remains may be understood.



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