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Central Plains Archeology


Volume 12, Number 1 (2010): 219 pages

The Eagle Ridge Site and Early Eighteenth Century Indian-European Relations in Eastern Nebraska
Edited by Gayle F. Carlson and John R. Bozell 

The Eagle Ridge archeological site (25SY116), located in the lower Platte River valley of east-central Nebraska, was occupied during the early decades of the eighteenth century, probably by an Oto or possibly an Ioway group that had been quite strongly influenced by contacts with the Pawnee and Europeans. The settlement took place at the precise moment in history when the roots of the dynamic interaction between Native Americans and Europeans were being established -- a process that in large measure defined the fabric of the American West for another 150 years. In 1998 the Nebraska State Historical Society was fortunate in being afforded the opportunity to conduct quite extensive archeological salvage investigations at the site during construction of the Eagle Ridge housing development project.
     Although the principal occupation of Eagle Ridge took place during the early eighteenth century, one or more earlier Native American groups had also lived at the site. . . .



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