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Volume 6, Number 1 (1998): 57 pages

The Schudel Site Complex: Early Archaic Occupation in the North Loup River Valley
by Donna C. Roper

The Schudel site complex contains three sites, each known or thought to contain an Early Archaic component. Two sites, including one extensively excavated in 1987, lie on a hillslope; the other is on a second terrace of the North Loup River valley. The excavated site, 25GY12, contains a mixed group of projectile point types, all of which are argued to be attributable to a single occupation. Other artifacts are primarily ad hoc flake tools. Bone is present but is poorly preserved. A second site, 25GY12a, known only from surface examination, contains similar material. The terrace site, 25GY14, also is known only from surface collections. Early Archaic material is present, and the occupation seems to be more intense. Site 25GY12 is identified as a hunting stand/overlook; 25GY12a probably served a similar function. Site 25GY14 is suggested to have been a base camp to which the hillslope sites were related.


An Archeological Survey of the Lower Pony Creek Valley: Implications for Glenwood Locality Settlement Pattern
by Michael J. Perry

Archeological investigations at nine Nebraska phase sites in the lower Pony Creek valley, southwest Iowa, indicate use of nearly the entire valley bottom. The concentration of lodge sites in the valley suggests contemporaneous occupation of the area by a number of households, perhaps comprising a village. Archival records pertaining to Glenwood locality archeology support recognition of villages as a component of the Glenwood settlement pattern.



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