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Central Plains Archeology makes available to the archeological community and the interested public the results of new research conducted in the vast Central Plains region of North America, principally in the states of Nebraska and Kansas.


Volume 13, Number 1 (2011), 129 pages, abstracts

Editor's Note
by Amy Koch

Mary Louise Freed Biography
by Donald Callen Freed

New Insights into the Anoka Phase:Initial Results from Work at the Lynch (25BD1), Anoka (25BD2/201),
Hostert (25BD16), and Mohr (25BD139) Sites, Boyd County, Nebraska
by Joseph A Tiffany, Austin A. Buhta, L. Adrien Hannus, and Jason M. Kruse

The Beaver Creek Trail Crossing Site (25SW49): The Archaeology of a Nineteenth Century Road Ranche along the Nebraska City Cut-Off Trail
by Paul A. Demers

A Petrographic Analysis of Glenwood Locality Ceramics, Mills County, Iowa
by Richard L. Josephs

Archeological Investigations of the 1865 Rush Creek Battlefield, 25MO181, Morrill County, Nebraska
by Douglas D. Scott, Peter Bleed, Benjamin Bilgri


Volume 12, Number 1 (2010), 219 pages, abstract

The Eagle Ridge Site and Early Eighteenth Century Indian-European Relations in Eastern Nebraska
Edited by Gayle F. Carlson and John R. Bozell 


Volume 11, Number 1 (2009), 73 pages, abstracts

The Plunkett Site: A 1930s Goshen Discovery in Northwest Nebraska
by Steven R. Holen

Preliminary Report on Structural Wood Use at Pawnee Indian Village (14RP1), Republic County, Kansas
by Nicholas V. Kessler

100° W Longitude: Exploring Cultural Dynamics at the Western Edge of the Central Plains Tradition
by Donna C. Roper

The Ceramic Assemblage from 25FT162, Frontier County, Nebraska
by Terry L. Steinacher

Book Review: Kansas Archaeology by Robert J. Hoard and William E. Banks, editors
by William T. Billeck


Volume 10, Number 1 (2004), 167 pages, abstract

McIntosh: A Late Prehistoric Occupation in the Nebraska Sand Hills
by Amy Koch, contribution by Mary J. Adair


Volume 9, Number 1 (2002), 60 pages, abstracts

The Late Prehistoric Percussion-Blade Industry of the Central Plains
by Philip J. Wilke, Gayle F. Carlson, and John D. Reynolds

The Role of Fire in the Destruction of Upper Republican Phase Lodges in the Medicine Creek Valley, Nebraska
by Donna C. Roper

The Mineralogical Characterization of Catlinite from Its Sole Provenance, Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota
by James Novotny Gundersen


Volume 8, Number 1 (2000), "Freshwater Mussels in the Great Plains: Ecology and Prehistoric Utilization": 150 pages, abstracts

Introduction to the Symposium
by Kerry Lippincott

Mussels, Bison Kills, and Pots: Clarity in the Archeological Record
by Donald J. Blakeslee

Archeological Interpretation of Freshwater Mussel Assemblages near the Solomon River, Kansas
by Ron Dorsey

Freshwater Mussels from Nebraska Phase Sites along the Missouri River Drainage in Southwestern Iowa
by K. Kris Hirst

A Critical Review of the Unionoid Mollusks Reported for Nebraska by Samuel Aughey (1877)
by Ellet Hoke

Mussels and Marginal Utility
by Thomas P. Myers and Keith Perkins III

Summary of Current Known Distribution and Status of Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) in South Dakota
by Douglas C. Backlund

Prehistoric Procurement and Use of Freshwater Mussels Along the Missouri River in the Northern Great Plains
by Robert E. Warren

Freshwater Mussel Management in North Dakota
by Steve Dyke

Freshwater Shell Tool/Ornament Production and Resource Use in the Middle Missouri Subarea of North Dakota
by Paul R. Picha and Fern E. Swenson

The Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionoida) of Montana
by Michael M. Gangloff and Daniel L. Gustafson

A Prehistoric Freshwater Mussel Collection from the Schmitt Chert Mine Site (24BW559) near Three Forks, Montana
by Kerry Lippincott and Leslie B. Davis

Floating Mussels in the Upper Mississippi River, Minnesota and Their Implications for Dispersal in Paleontology and Archeology
by Alan M. Cvancara

Remarks Stimulated by the Symposium, Freshwater Mussels in the Great Plains: Ecology and Prehistoric Utilization
by Alan M. Cvancara


Volume 7, Number 1 (1999): 170 pages, introduction

Waconda Lake: Prehistoric Swidden-Foragers in the Central Plains
by Donald J. Blakeslee


Volume 6, Number 1 (1998): 57 pages, abstracts

The Schudel Site Complex: Early Archaic Occupation in the North Loup River Valley
by Donna C. Roper

An Archeological Survey of the Lower Pony Creek Valley: Implications for Glenwood Locality Settlement Pattern
by Michael J. Perry


Volume 5, Number 1 (1997), "Marine Shell Ornaments from the Plains": 107 pages, abstracts

Introduction to the Symposium
by Kerry Lippincott

The Marine Shell Artifacts of Kansas
by Donald J. Blakeslee

A Preliminary Survey of Marine Shell Artifacts from Prehistoric Archeological Sites in Nebraska
by Gayle F. Carlson

Mussels, Mussel Shell Tools, and Mussel and Marine Shell Ornaments from Missouri River Trench Sites in South Dakota
by Kerry Lippincott

Whorls and Valves: Marine Shell Artifacts from North Dakota
by Paul R. Picha and Fern E. Swenson

Faces of Shell: Two Marine Shell Mask Gorgets from South Dakota
by Michael Fosha

Marine Shell Mask Gorgets in Montana
by Stanley Jaynes

Shell from the Plains: A Southeastern Perspective
by Marvin T. Smith


Special Publication No. 1 (1997): 77 pages introduction, reprinted May, 2006

A Good Walk Around the Boundary: Archeological Inventory of the Dyck and Other Properties Adjacent to Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
by Douglas D. Scott and Peter Bleed


Volume 4, Number 1 (1994): 95 pages, abstracts

Late Prehistoric Cultural Dynamics in the Lower Kansas River Basin
by Brad Logan and Lauren W. Ritterbush

Riley Cord Roughened Ceramic Variation from Ten Smoky Hill Variant Sites in North-Central Kansas
by John G. Hedden

Sympatry-Mapping Studies of Small Mammal Remains Recovered from Six Prehistoric Central Plains Sites
by Paul Souders

The Material Culture of 25DS21, a Lower Loup Hunting Camp in the Platte River Valley
by Donna C. Roper


Volume 3, Number 1 (1993): 250 pages introduction, reprinted 2005

The Archaeology of the Lincoln Pottery Works
by Christopher Schoen and Peter Bleed


Volume 2, Number 1 (1990): 131 pages abstracts    Out of Print

Presenting Nebraska Archaeology to the Public, 1878-1986
by R. Eli Paul

A Model for the Nebraska Phase
by Donald J. Blakeslee

Window Glass on the Plains: An Analysis of Flat Glass Samples from Ten Nineteenth Century Plains Historic Sites
by Christopher M. Schoen

Archaeology and Reconstruction of the Fort Atkinson Council House
by Gayle F. Carlson


Volume 1, Number 1 (1989): 107 pages abstracts    Out of Print

A Great Oasis Fauna from Central Nebraska
by John R. Bozell and Mary K. Rogers

Nehawka Flint in the Paleoindian Occupation of the High Plains
by Thomas P. Myers

Pawnee Archaeology
by John M. O'Shea

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