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Early Nebraska Archeology CD

A CD entitled Early Nebraska Archeology (2002), produced jointly by the National Park Service, Midwest Archeological Center; Nebraska State Historical Society; the Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists (NAPA); and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Anthropology and Geography, is also available at the above address. The CD contains important manuscripts documenting the early archeology of Nebraska. Featured authors include: Wesley Bliss, John Champe, E. Mott Davis, James and Dee Gunnerson, Preston Holder, Jesse Jennings, Marvin Kivett, Ward Weakley, Waldo Wedel, Richard Wheeler, and W. Raymond Wood.
Price: $9.00 members, $12.00 non-members.

The CD includes:

River Valley Research Areas:
Big Blue, Calamus, Elkhorn, Loup, Missouri, Niobrara, Platte, and Republican

Special Features:
Emergency Archeology in the Missouri River Basin: The Role of the Missouri Basin Project and the Midwest Archeological Center in the Interagency Archeological Salvage Program, 1946-75, by Tom Thiessen.

Introduction, annotated bibliography, bibliography of Medicine Creek Archeology, and an additional reading list.


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