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Archeological Records and Collections Management

The Archeology Division is the repository of all primary archeological records for the state. This information includes data on over 6,000 archeological resources which have been discovered to date. Copies of records stemming from archeological research and cultural resource management operations conducted by outside agencies and institutions are placed on file at the division in cooperation with Collections Department staff. Upon discovery of a site, all agencies/institutions coordinate with the division in order to guarantee proper site number allocation. The division maintains a state computer database file of all recorded sites within the state. Other materials maintained on file include maps, field notes, site survey forms, excavation unit/feature forms, continuation forms, and black and white and color slide photographs. A duplicate copy of all records is forwarded to the historic preservation archeologist, stationed at Ft. Robinson. All agencies/institutions working in the state are asked to use the NSHS archeological site survey form. Archeological site file information providing specific locations is confidential and not open to the general public.

Artifact collections acquired as a result of archeological research by NSHS staff and other parties are housed in an environmentally-controlled facility in the museum. Management of these materials is under the scope of services provided by the Collections Department. A curation fee of $200.00 per standard flat box (18" x 17" x 6.5") is charged to other agencies wishing to store materials in our facility. All staff time and materials the NSHS expends on preparing the collection(s) and records are charged to the submitting agency. All materials are cleaned, stabilized, cataloged, sorted and repackaged for analysis and permanent curation.

Nebraska Archeological Site Form (pdf)

Nebraska Archeological Site Form Continuation (pdf)

Nebraska Archeological Site Update Form (pdf)

Nebraska Archeological Site Form Instructions (pdf)

Nebraska Archeological Records Search (pdf)



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