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Archeological Research Services

Student and professional archeologists make extensive use of divisional records and collections in the course of cultural resource management undertakings or scholarly research. There is no charge for this service, however, accessibility to files is contingent upon available staff time. Records and collections examination must take place within the museum and under the supervision of division staff. Visiting researchers are asked to complete an Archives Registration Form and are required to sign the Collections Patrons Register at the outset and following their work. Records may be duplicated for research and cultural resource management purposes at a cost of $0.25 per page. We also receive a number of telephone and mail requests to conduct background research and literature searches. These requests are fulfilled in a period consistent with available staff time. Clients are charged staff time and photocopying costs.

Calls, letters, or visits by amateur archeologists and interested members of the public seeking information about archeology in Nebraska or identification of artifacts are frequent and welcome. There is no charge for these types of consultations. Only in rare circumstances, however, are division staff able to conduct uncompensated field evaluations or excavations at the request of private individuals. Inquiries regarding mammoths, volcanoes, fossils, rocks, and other natural phenomena are directed to appropriate staff at the University of Nebraska State Museum. Division staff are able to present public lectures or slide shows, however, the NSHS may request compensation for this service.

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