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Early Potters (Plains Woodland)

Early Potters (1,000 - 2,000 years ago)

The Woodland tradition was a time of innovation during which many new technological, economic, and social ideas made their appearance. Many of these new elements were borrowed or brought in from other cultures present in the great woodlands to the east of Nebraska. The name Plains Woodland reflects this adaptation of ideas from the east for use in a Plains environment. Among the technological innovations is the appearance of the bow and arrow. Earlier, projectile points were used on hand held spears or short spears thrown with the assistance of a device called an atl-atl. A second important new technology was the first use of pottery. Large ceramic vessels were produced during this period for use in storage and cooking. Other innovations of importance include the first documented use of semipermanent dwellings found on sites that appear to have been occupied year-around. Often near these small village sites archeologists find evidence of elaborate burials in earthen mounds. Near the end of the period, evidence of experimentation with small scale gardening is evident.

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