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Works of Art

Works of art on paper can include prints, drawings, pastels, watercolors, collages and many other materials. They are generally artist's original works, although some mass produced images, like Maxfield Parrish illustrations, have become collectable and valuable.

Rushouse Blizzard Joe

Generally, works of art on paper are classified by their media type (charcoal, pen and ink, pastel, etc.) or their technology (block print, lithograph, etc.) and are also more narrowly defined by their support (handmade paper, Japanese paper, etc.). These objects are cared for by paper conservators, some of whom have specialized in a particular area like pastels for example.

Paintings can be made from different media (acrylic, oil, or wax) and different supports (canvas, board panels, or plaster). Generally, paintings are classified by their media type or their support. These objects are cared for by paintings conservators, some of whom have specialized in a particular area like mural paintings for example.

Sculpture can be made of many different materials including glass, metal, ceramics and textiles. Sculptures are cared for by objects conservators, some of whom may have specialized in a specific area such as large outdoor sculpture.

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