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Photographs and negatives are composed of three different parts or layers: a support base, a binder, and image material.

  • The support for a photographs or negative may be glass (glass plate negatives), a plastic film (slide negative), metal (a daguerreotype), paper (a photo print), or a resin-coated paper (a digital print). Some plastic negative bases are inherently unstable and will have a negative effect on the life of the image.
  • The binder layer or emulsion holds the final image material to the support and is most commonly gelatin but may also be albumen, collodion, or another material.
  • The final part of a photograph is the image producing material, often silver particles, color dyes, or pigment particles suspended in the emulsion layer.

Working with big photo collections:

  • Consult a conservator early on.
  • Wear gloves to handle negatives.
  • Store in conservation safe materials.
  • Take extra precautions with nitrates.

Photographs and negatives are generally cared for by paper conservators or those who have specialized in photographs and negatives alone.

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