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Disaster Preparation, Response and Recovery of Treasures


Plan for disaster NOW. If you wait until after a disaster occurs, it can be too late for your treasures.


Caring For Your Treasures

Save Your Treasures the Right Way

Searchable bibliography: references to publications on all aspects of collections care.

Are You Prepared?: A Guide to Emergency Planning  [344kb pdf]

CONTENTS  to Are You Prepared?: A Guide to Emergency Planning

I. Introduction

II. Before You Write Your Emergency Plan

The Risk Evaluation
The Vulnerability Evaluation
The Physical Assets Evaluation
The Staffing Evaluation

III. Writing Your Emergency Plan

The Plan Format
Normal Operation Procedures
Restoration of Normal Operations

IV. Conclusions

V. Appendix

Emergency Phone Number and Address List
Emergency Supply List
Evacuation Preparation and Procedures
Locational Guides
Press Releases
Incident Forms
Maintenance Checklist
Bibliography of Emergency Preparedness References

Field Guide to Emergency Response

Table of Contents to the Field Guide

How to Use the Field Guide

Tab 1: Emergency Contacts · Institutional Contacts

Section I: What to Do First

Moderate Disaster
Major Disaster
Catastrophic Event

Tab 2: Now, Where Is That - What Do I Save First?

Section II: The Response Team

Response Team Leader
Emergency Responder Liaison
Health and Safety Coordinator
Security and Facilities Coordinator
Administrative and Financial Coordinator
Supplies and Equipment Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Assessment Coordinator
Documentation Coordinator
Salvage Coordinator

Tab 3: Insurance - Suppliers and Vendors

Section III: Top Ten Problems to Expect

1. Water Damage
2. Extreme Environmental Conditions
3. Mud
4. Mold
5. Bleeding Dyes
6. Pests
7. Soot and Ash
8. Hazardous Materials
9. Corrosion
10. Broken Objects

Tab 4: Master Supply List

Section IV: Resources

Selected Bibliography

"A disaster is what happens only if you are not prepared for it."


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