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 John Falter's Jazz Portraits

        In the Studio

Falter's work in the studio included prints and paintings based on his on-the-spot jazz sketches.
These studio works are more polished and refined than the live drawings, yet still remain more expressive than the straightforward illustration style typically associated with Falter's magazine work.

James P. Johnson

John Falter
oil on board

Acknowledged as the father of stride piano playing, James P. Johnson also arranged and composed.

Donor: John P. Falter Collection


Jack Teagarden

John Falter
oil on board

Many critics considered Jack Teagarden the finest of all jazz trombonists during his time.

Donor: John P. Falter Collection


Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

John Falter
oil on canvas, 1975

Donor: John P. Falter Collection


Recently when the late Louis Armstrong marched over to the other side to be one of the saints, we were once again reminded that there are but a few of them left. The innovators who grew up with jazz, the men who stuck to the roots of this American expression of music.   -- John Falter


"Pee Wee" Russell
John Falter
oil on board

Pee Wee Russell (Charles Ellsworth) played clarinet and saxophones. Many musicians considered him the greatest and most original jazz clarinetist ever.

Donor: John P. Falter Collection



Virtual Exhibits


Colorado Jazz Party

World's Greatest Jazz Band

   Lou Stein & Carl Fontana

   Vic Dickenson

   Ed Hubble

   Bobby Wilber & Bud Freeman

   Ralph Sutton

Jazz in Action

   Cliff Leeman

   Gus Johnson & Budd Johnson

   Willie "the Lion" Smith

   Benny Carter

   Teddy Wilson

   Dick Hyman

   John Mince

   Clark Terry & Zoot Simms

In the Studio

Pee Wee Erwin of Falls City

Odessa Jazz Party 1
Kai Winding, Milt Hinton, Bert Ellis, Ross Tompkins

   Bucky Pizzarelli

   Jack Lesberg

Odessa Jazz Party 2
Stan Wrightsman, Skeets Herfurt, "Wild Bill" Davison



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