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The Bostock Studio

  In the fall of 2001 the Nebraska State Historical Society received a donation of more than two thousand glass plate negatives from the Palisade, Nebraska, area. This collection is of particular interest because it tells the story of life in southwestern Nebraska during the early decades of the twentieth century. This area of the state was not well represented in the Society collections prior to this generous donation.

  After the collection came to Lincoln, Society staff and volunteers from the Lincoln Camera Club began the arduous task of cleaning each glass plate negative in preparation for digital scanning. Several of the negative boxes included a handwritten label stating they were from the Bostock Studio. Interestingly, no mention of the Bostock Studio has been located in southwestern Nebraska city directories or phone books from the era. We need your help. Do you recognize anyone in these photographs? Have you seen these buildings before? Did you have your portrait taken by the Bostock Studio? If so, or write to the Society to help us learn more about this important piece of Nebraska's past.

Virtual Exhibits

Palisade, NE
The Bostock Studio

Bostock #2

Bostock #3

Bostock #4

Bostock #5

Bostock #6

Bostock #7

Bostock #8

Bostock #9

Bostock #10





Donors supporting the Palisade exhibit:

McCook National Bank
Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation

Chuck Schroeder

Dr. and Mrs. William Karrer
Stewart and Janet Karrer

AmFirst Bank
Dr. Vernon Ward

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Adams
Richard and Leona Baxter
Dr. and Mrs. Alva Clark
Palisade Pioneer Days Committee
Frank and Betty Potthoff

Fred and Nada Krotter
Viron and Mildred Baxter


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