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Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press protect all rights of expression,
even when that expression is patently offensive.

Working from Lincoln, Nebraska, and protected by the Constitution, Gary Rex Lauck has become one of the most prolific publishers of Nazi literature in the world. He is credited as one of the major forces behind the neo-Nazi movement in Germany.

Born in 1953 in Wisconsin, Lauck moved to Lincoln with his family after his father got a position teaching engineering at the University of Nebraska. He attributes his upbringing in a largely German suburb of Milwaukee as inspiration for his Nazi beliefs. He first started writing in support of those beliefs as a student at Lincoln East High School. In college he majored in German and became active in the Nazi party, adopting the name "Gerhard." Later, he would also grow a Hitler-like mustache and affect a German accent.

Lauck started the NSDAP/AO (the German language acronym for National Socialist German Workers Party/Overseas Organization, the translated name of the original Nazi party's overseas unit). He has distributed neo-Nazi propaganda in at least ten languages across the globe. Lauck is unashamedly anti-American, claiming the country's two redeeming virtues are freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

Nazi editor spreads doctrine from Lincoln

The story of the Farm Belt Führer first broke in UNL's student newspaper, The Daily Nebraskan, on January 30, 1978. Joe Starita, who went on to a successful career at several major newspapers and is now a journalism professor at UNL, wrote the story, which was picked up by national news syndicates.

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