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May/June 2003

Allison Petersen Elected President of Foundation at April 26 Annual Meeting in Omaha

Allison Petersen, Walton, was elected president of the NSHS Foundation at the annual meeting April 26, 2003, in Omaha.

Allison Petersen, newly elected president,
and Jim Hewitt, outgoing president.
presidents, past and present

"I am extremely pleased that Allison will follow me as president of the Foundation. She has a great interest in, and awareness of, Nebraska history, and the drive and enthusiasm to lead the Foundation. It is a real comfort to leave the organization in such capable hands," said Jim Hewitt, the Foundation's president from 1999 to 2003.

Allison was first elected to the board of trustees in 1993. She served as secretary from 1997 to 1999 and has been the executive vice president since 1999.

Allison is a life member of the Nebraska State Historical Society and a former member of its board of trustees. She has actively served on many community organizations including the Lincoln Community Foundation, Nebraska Arts Association, and the board of trustees for Doane College.

With her election, the board of directors bestowed their confidence in her outstanding leadership abilities and vision for the Foundation's future.

Jim Hewitt will remain on the board of directors and serve as legal counsel for the Foundation. Jim recently retired from Nebco, where he was vice president and legal counsel. In May, he will receive his Ph.D. in American history from the University of Nebraska and is teaching history at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Jim's leadership as president during the past four years has been a prevailing force behind its success. His dedication, combined with his love of history, has contributed significantly to the successful efforts of the Foundation to enhance and improve accessibility to Nebraska history.

New Officers, Directors, and Trustees Elected During the Foundation's Annual Meeting

In addition to Allison Petersen's election as president of the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation, members also elected a new executive vice president, treasurer, and executive committee.

The slate of officers elected include: Allison Petersen, Walton, president; Steve Guenzel, Lincoln, executive vice president; Jack Campbell, Lincoln, vice president; Joanne Shephard, Valentine, secretary; John Guenzel, Lincoln, treasurer.

The 2003-04 executive committee will include: Petersen, Walton; S. Guenzel, Campbell, J. Guenzel, Jim Hewitt, and Jim Nissen, all from Lincoln; and John Webster, Omaha.

Two new members were seated on the board of directors: John Guenzel of Lincoln and William Karrer of Omaha.

The Foundation welcomed sixteen new trustees to the board: Cloyd Clark, McCook; Ellen Baldwin, John Dittman, Andrew "Skip" Hove, Earlene Knox, Andrew Strotman, Don Swanson, Lincoln; Tom Hansen, North Platte; Barbara Marcy, Chadron; Michael Moriarity, Steve Sawtell, Rodney Walker, Omaha; Janeese Nelson, Kimball; Joe Nunn, Harrison; Laureen Riedesel, Beatrice.

Dr. Ron Hull, chair of the Nebraska Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission, was the featured speaker at the annual meeting. He provided an "insider's" view of the work and deliberations of the commission as they plan one of the nation's fifteen Signature Events commemorating the expedition. Nebraska's story concentrates on the pivotal meeting and the first encounter Lewis and Clark had with Native Americans on the trail. Nebraska's nationally significant Signature Event will take place July 31-August 3, 2004.

New Treasurer Elected

Bob NorthropBob Northrop

After serving as the Foundation's treasurer for eight years, Bob Northrop has decided to "retire" again! Bob had just retired from his professional life as a finance executive when he was asked to share his acumen and experience with the Foundation as its treasurer and member of the board of directors.

Bob had recently retired as senior vice president for public and corporate finance at Kirkpatrick Pettis when he was first elected to the board of trustees in 1994. A year later, Bob agreed to serve on the board of directors, the same year he assumed the duties of treasurer. He has provided outstanding leadership throughout his tenure.

Bob established the Foundation's investment policy, which included the formation of an investment committee to provide management oversight to achieve the Foundation's investment objectives. He also served as the Foundation's interim director in 1997.

The Foundation has benefited from Bob's years of experience as a financial executive and investment manager with some of Lincoln's best-known financial institutions. Under his direction, he has provided the Foundation with a solid financial position for its future. We will still benefit from his involvement because Bob has agreed to continue as a member of the board of directors.

Our thanks to Bob for his contributions to the growth and success of the organization. The Foundation will benefit from his stewardship for years to come.

C. John GuenzelC. John Guenzel

C. John Guenzel of Lincoln has been elected treasurer by the board of directors. John, a member of the board of trustees since 2000, is president of First Nebraska Trust Company. He also serves as chairman of the board of directors and is a member of the trust and investment committees for First Nebraska Trust. John was also elected a member of the Foundation's board of directors at their annual meeting.

John has over twenty-five years of trust administration and business experience in Lincoln. Coincidentally, he worked with Bob at First National Bank, Lincoln, where he served as a trust officer and vice president.

John is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and Southern Methodist University's Southwestern Graduate Trust School. He is active in the Lincoln community and serves on many professional and community organizations including the Lincoln Community Foundation.

"The Foundation is very fortunate John has agreed to assume the role of treasurer. We're confident that our financial future is in very capable hands," said Board President Allison Petersen.

John will also serve as chair of the Foundation's investment committee and as a member of the executive committee.

Nebraskans of World War II Scholarship Recipients Announced

The Foundation's scholarship committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2003 Nebraskans of World War II Scholarships. Each recipient will receive a $1,000 scholarship in honor of the brave men and women who served our country fighting for the freedoms of millions of people. Scholarships are given in tribute to Edward J. Clough and Adrian B. DePutron. Both men were from Lincoln and were killed in battle during World War II. The 2003 recipients are: Sam Beutler and Megan Brownson of Lincoln, Kimberly Minnis and Michaella Thelen of Omaha, and Amie Sughroue of Minden.

2003-04 Foundation Board of Directors

Allison D. Petersen, Walton, President
Steven E. Guenzel, Lincoln, Executive Vice President
Jack D. Campbell, Lincoln, Vice President
C. John Guenzel, Lincoln, Treasurer
Joanne F. Shephard, Valentine, Secretary
Martha Greer, Lincoln
Dr. James W. Hewitt, Lincoln
Dr. William F. Karrer, Omaha
Dr. Frederick C. Luebke, Lincoln
Carol Maddux, Wauneta
Dr. Martin A. Massengale, Lincoln
John D. Massey, Scottsbluff
George H. Moyer, Jr., Madison
James F. Nissen, Lincoln
Robert D. Northrop, Lincoln
Cynthia Olson, Lisco
Amy Scott-Willer, Omaha
John W. Webster, Omaha
S. N. "Bud" Wolbach, Grand Island
Dr. John Wunder, Lincoln

Lawrence J. Sommer, Lincoln, NSHS Director, Ex-officio
Jack Preston, Lyman, NSHS President, Ex-officio
Pat Phillips, Omaha, NSHS Treasurer, Ex-officio

Contact Information:

Jackie Spahn, Executive Director
Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation
215 Centennial Mall South, #408
Lincoln, NE 68508-1813

Ph: 402-435-3535
Toll Free: 888-515-3535
Fax: 402-435-3986

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