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May / June 2006


The Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation Board of Trustees held its annual meeting Saturday, April 29, in Lincoln.

The board of trustees conducted its business during the luncheon meeting. Among other business, new trustees were elected. The nominating committee of Kit Dimon, Lincoln; Gerry O'Keif, Valentine; and Rod Walker, Omaha, presented a slate of nominees for consideration. Jim Keene and Joan Gibson, Omaha; Dean Petersen, Ann Rawley, Ann Tolly, Judy Wilcox, Lincoln; Keith Blackledge, Don Pederson, North Platte; Pam Snow, Ashland; and Kim Dinsdale, Grand Island, were elected to three-year terms on the board of trustees.

Officers were also elected for 2006-07 and include: Steven Guenzel, Lincoln, president; Bruce M. Frasier, Omaha, executive vice president; Jack D. Campbell, Lincoln, vice president; Joanne F. Shephard, Valentine, secretary; and C. John Guenzel, Lincoln, treasurer.Rob Bozell, Society archeologist, was the guest speaker. Foundation trustees and their guests got their hands dirty during a tour of the Archeology Division's artifact processing lab.


Steve Guenzel

Steve Guenzel was elected president of the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation during the board of directors' meeting Friday, April 28, in Hastings. Steve has most recently served as executive vice president of the Foundation. Steve has been a member of the board of trustees since 1992 and has served on the board of directors for five years and the executive committee for four years.

Steve is an attorney in Lincoln.
He and his wife, Judy, have three grown sons. Steve has served on many boards in Lincoln including those of the Child Guidance Center, the Folsom Children's Zoo, and the Lincoln Medical Education Fund Cancer Resource Center. Steve is interested in all areas of history, but the history of the Civil War is his favorite.

"My parents gave me a great love of all kinds of history. While my career has prevented me from any professional pursuit of this passion, I have engaged in quite a bit of amateur historical activity-from electives in college, to visiting important historical sites all over the United States (and Europe, whenever possible), to volunteering for historical organizations, such as the Civil War Round Table. The NSHS Foundation was a natural for me. It has been great to watch the Foundation grow under its formidable past leadership. I hope to help the organization continue to develop as an important source of support for the wonderful activities of the NSHS, and I look forward to working with the Society's new leadership to 'infect' as many people as possible with the 'love of history disease,' for which there is, thankfully, no cure."

The board of directors also elected Bruce Frasier of Omaha as executive vice president, and Joe Stehlik of Pawnee City and Cloyd Clark of McCook to the board for two-year terms.


In February, Governor Heineman announced his selection of the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation as the recipient of the proceeds from the sale of the Nebraska quarter commemorative sets.

Nebraska First Lady Sally Ganem holds a commemorative quarter set. With her are Michael J. Smith (left), director/chief executive officer of the NSHS; Jackie McCullough, director of the NSHS Foundation, and Ann Billesbach, associate director for museums and historic sites.

Attending the April 6 reception were Governor Dave Heineman (left); Patricia Phillips, president of the NSHS; and Steve Guenzel, president of the NSHS Foundation. j

The Nebraska State Historical Society approached the Foundation board of directors in January with the opportunity. The Society developed the coin inserts and envelopes, and coordinated the manufacturing of the sets, while meeting exacting specifications from the U.S. Mint.

Governor Dave Heineman (left) and Steve Guenzel, president of the NSHS Foundation, inspect the Nebraska state quarter during the April 6 reception.



 The commemorative sets sold for five dollars each, and proceeds from the sales will be used to support the educational programming of the Nebraska State Historical Society to engage our youngest citizens in the stories of their state.


Sally Ganem, Nebraska's first lady, served as chairwoman of the quarter launch committee. She played an active role in bringing educational opportunities to the forefront of the celebrations planned for the launch of the new quarter. She was instrumental in bringing together a number of special activities and educational materials related to the state's new quarter.

Displaying the special issue of the Nebraska Trailblazer are Governor Dave Heineman (left), First Lady Sally Ganem, and Allen J. Beermann, executive director of the Nebraska Press Association.

 To support the first lady's emphasis on educational activities, the Nebraska State Historical Society developed a special issue of the Nebraska Trailblazer student newspaper to coincide with the launch activities. Featuring the new Nebraska commemorative quarter, this special issue provides upper-elementary-age students with information about Chimney Rock and why it was selected for depiction on the quarter, the history and significance of other finalists in the design competition, and symbols Nebraskans have chosen for themselves in the past.

The Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation secured the private funding
needed to publish the special Trailblazer quarter issue. The newspaper was made possible by generous private support from the Nebraska Press Association and the Cline Williams Law Firm. The publication is also available online at

Contact Information:

Jackie McCullough, Executive Director
Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation
Kinman-Oldfield Suite 1010
128 North 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-1565

Ph: 402-435-3535
Toll Free: 888-515-3535
Fax: 402-435-3986


2006-07 Foundation Board of Directors

Steven E. Guenzel, President, Lincoln
Bruce M. Frasier, Executive Vice President, Omaha
Jack D. Campbell, Vice President, Lincoln
C. John Guenzel, Treasurer, Lincoln
Joanne F. Shephard, Secretary, Valentine

Cloyd Clark, McCook
James C. Creigh, Omaha
Dr. James W. Hewitt, Lincoln
Dr. F. William Karrer, Omaha
JoAnne D. Kissel, Lincoln
Carol F. Maddux, Wauneta
Dr. Martin A. Massengale, Lincoln
James F. Nissen, Lincoln
David Oldfather, Kearney
Allison D. Petersen, Walton
Julie M. Schroeder, Waterloo
L. Joe Stehlik, Pawnee City
Andrew D. Strotman, Lincoln
John W. Webster, Omaha
Dr. John R. Wunder, Lincoln

Patricia Phillips, Omaha, NSHS President, Ex-officio
Peter Bleed, Lincoln, NSHS Treasurer, Ex-officio
Michael J. Smith, Lincoln, NSHS Director, Ex-officio

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