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Archeological Survey Defined

The record of the vast majority of human history in Nebraska is contained in archeological sites. The Nebraska State Historical Society maintains several programs to identify, interpret, and preserve the information contained in archeological sites.

What is it? In 1988 the Nebraska State Historical Society began a program of archeological survey to identify unrecorded sites. The survey program is guided by a geographical analysis using watersheds to most efficiently place the archeological surveys. Prior to the beginning of the State Historic Preservation Office survey program approximately 167,000 acres had been surveyed in Nebraska. As of 2009, over 30,000 additional acres have been surveyed and new sites have been identified. Although the total acreage (197,000) is substantial, it still is less than one half of 1% of the state's area.

Who maintains the Archeological Survey? The Nebraska State Historical Society archeology program cooperates with the Nebraska State Historical Society, Archeology Program in maintaining the Master Archeological Site Survey records. This is the main repository for information relating to archeological sites in the state. The inventory currently contains information on over 9,000 sites.

Explore Nebraska Archeology Publications:  Want to learn more about Nebraska Archeology? Download these Explore Nebraska Archeology booklets that interpret Nebraska history, share research findings, and provide important information on preserving archeological sites.
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Download Archeological Properties (Section 106) Guidelines (440k pdf)

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