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Rural Sites

  Elkhorn River Bridge, pdf [AP00-003] Listed 1992/06/29

In February 1883 the Antelope County Commissioners contracted with the King Iron Bridge Company to build a tubular arch bridge across the Elkhorn River just north of Clearwater. On June 18, 1883 county officials inspected and accepted the newly completed bridge. The bridge carried wagon traffic with only minimal repairs for nearly thirty years, until the summer of 1912. That July the Western Bridge and Construction Company of Omaha replaced the bridge's original timber stringers with steel stringers. The bridge was also moved around 1929. Although no longer in use, it is being preserved in place by the county.

Verdigris Creek Bridge, pdf [AP00-253] Listed 1992/06/29

Located about two miles northeast of Royal, this small-scale bridge carries an unpaved county road over Verdigris Creek. The structure consists of a single rigid-connected kingpost pony truss, with a steel stringer approach span on one end. Steel pile bents form the substructure. The bridge's design, dimensions, and its rigid-connected technology suggest a construction date of circa 1918. It was probably built by the Western Bridge and Construction Company, which evidently constructed all of Antelope County's steel bridges between 1907 and the 1920s. The bridge's significance is enhanced by its well-preserved physical condition and by the fact that almost all of the once-numerous kingpost trusses in Nebraska have since been demolished. Only two kingpost trusses are known to remain on Nebraska's roads, this structure and one other Antelope County span.

Urban Sites

 Antelope County Courthouse, pdf [AP04-001] Listed 1980/12/03

The Antelope County Courthouse is one of the oldest courthouses in Nebraska. The brick building, located in Neligh, was erected in 1894-95 in the Romanesque Revival style. The original four-sided clock tower that crowned the roof was removed in the 1960s.

 Gates College Gymnasium, pdf (Antelope County Jail) [AP04-002] Listed 1981/04/20

The 1892 Gates College Gymnasium is the last remaining building of Gates College, a Congregational Church school. The college, founded in Neligh in 1882, was closed in the late 1890s and by 1900 the gymnasium building had been purchased by Antelope County for a jail.

  Neligh Mill, pdf and Elevators, pdf and Boundary Extension, pdf [AP04-004] Listed 1969/10/15, Amendment 2010/04/02

The Neligh Mill, constructed in 1873-74 on the Elkhorn River, is one of hundreds of mills established during Nebraska's early settlement years, but would eventually become the largest milling company in northeastern Nebraska. John D. Neligh, founder of the town, had the mill built to encourage rural settlement and town growth. By 1900 the prospering mill was shipping flour throughout the U.S. and Europe. Elevators (1886 and 1899) and a warehouse (1886) provided the storage capacity needed to assure a ready market for grain grown in the region.

Stephen F. Gilman overhauled the mill's water power system during his tenure as owner from 1898-1915. The flume and penstock were rebuilt, the dike system was reinforced and new concrete and steel dams were constructed across the Elkhorn River in 1909 and the Merritt Cut-off in 1912. Despite such efforts, harnessing the Elkhorn River proved a constant challenge and water power was permanently abandoned after a disastrous flood in 1920. Water power usage is still evident at Neligh Mill and within a 40 acre upriver site across the Elkhorn River.


   Kester Millwork Shop, pdf [AP04-170] Listed 7/28/2014

The Kester Millwork Shop, constructed in 1911-1912, is a fully equipped early 20th century wood-working shop located in Neligh, Antelope County. The shop, owned and operated by four generations of the Kester family, produced architectural elements and furniture for many properties in the Neligh area. The building is one of the best preserved millwork shops in Nebraska, and it also possesses an intact power system consisting of an array of line shafts, pulleys, belts, and connected machinery throughout the building.

 St. Peter's Episcopal Church, pdf [AP04-005] Listed 1980/12/03

St. Peter's Episcopal Church is a simplified version of Gothic Revival architecture. The first Episcopal Church services in Neligh were conducted by the Reverend J. C. Eldred, who arrived in the small village before the coming of the railroad. In March 1887 Neligh Episcopalians purchased the building site. St. Peter's was consecrated in 1888 by Bishop George Worthington, who called it "the best small frame church in the diocese."

 Maybury-McPherson House, pdf [AP04-127] Listed 1996/03/14

The Maybury-McPherson House is a one-and-one-half-story, wood frame building originally constructed in a simplified Queen Anne style in 1887. Located in Neligh, the house was subsequently added on to using additional Queen Anne elements.

  Neligh Mill Bridge, pdf [AP04-204] Listed 1992/06/29

In 1910 the Antelope County Commissioners ordered a 140-foot, pinned Pratt through truss from the Western Bridge and Construction Company of Omaha to replace an existing aging bridge over the Elkhorn River. Western Bridge built the steel cylinder piers and completed the truss by May 1910. The Neligh Mill Bridge has carried traffic since, in essentially unaltered condition. The Neligh Mill Bridge accrues a degree of significance and site integrity for its association with and proximity to the Neligh Mill complex. Located at the southern periphery of Neligh, this crossing has proved to be regionally important as the first bridge in the county over the Elkhorn River and reportedly the first bridge over the river west of Norfolk that served to link the north and south halves of Antelope County.

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