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Pilgrim Holiness Church Pilgrim Holiness Church, pdf (Baled Hay Church) [AT01-001] Listed 1979/06/18

The Pilgrim Holiness Church, located in Arthur, was built in 1928 of baled rye straw. Baled hay or straw proved an alternative to lumber or sod as a building material and was used throughout the Sand Hills. The structure is the only known church built of baled straw, and the building is a unique example of Nebraska folk architecture.

Courthouse Jail First Arthur County Courthouse and Jail, pdf [AT01-004] Listed 1990/01/10

In 1913 the Nebraska State Legislature authorized creation of Arthur County, carving it out of the western part of McPherson County. That same year, Arthur was platted and selected as the county seat. Construction of the courthouse began in 1914 and by October of that year the county commissioners formerly dedicated the new building. The jail was built the following year. Both buildings are one-story wood structures. The courthouse was used until 1962 when a new facility was built.

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