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Nebraska National Register Sites
in Boyd County

Rural Sites

 Lynch Site [25-BD-01] Listed 1974/12/02

The Lynch Site was a large village of circular earthlodges occupied about A.D. 1450-1550. Few villages from this period were located in Nebraska, the majority having been established along the Missouri River in South Dakota. Lynch, and villages like it, reflect a prehistoric blending of cultures from central Nebraska and the Missouri River valley in the Dakotas from which the historic Pawnee and Arikara tribes emerged several centuries later.

Ponca Agency [25-BD-76] Listed 2006/07/12

Located in Boyd County, this archeological site has the potential to provide information regarding the life of the Ponca people at a specific period in time, during which a process of forced acculturation and rapid change to reservation life was introduced in the midst of extreme climatic conditions and struggles with Sioux invaders. It also has the potential to provide information addressing the role played by the government Indian agency from 1859 to 1865 in providing services to aid the Ponca during the transitional period.

White Horse Ranch, pdf [BD00-068] Listed 1990/07/05

The White Horse Ranch was founded in 1936 by Cal and Ruth Thompson. The ranch covers approximately 2,400 acres along the Niobrara River in Boyd County. It is historically significant as the place of origin of a registered breed of horse, the American Albino or American White. This is apparently the only breed of livestock developed exclusively in Nebraska.

 Ponca Creek Bridge, pdf [BD00-224] Listed 1992/06/29

Flowing west to east across nearly the entire width of Boyd County, Ponca Creek formed a troublesome barrier to intercounty traffic. As a result, most of the county's bridge budget historically has been directed toward erecting and maintaining Ponca Creek spans. Constructed in 1904 this forty-eight-foot pony truss, located near Lynch, is the only one of the earliest Ponca Creek bridges in the county that remains in its original location. The remainder have either been moved or replaced. As the oldest vehicular bridge in the county, and the most significant extant Ponca Creek span, this bridge enjoys a degree of historical significance.

 The Tower, pdf [BD00-228] Listed 2004/12/29

In May 1804 Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and the Corps of Discovery set out from their camp near St. Louis, Missouri, to explore the recently acquired Louisiana Territory and continue westward to the Pacific Ocean. By September 1804 the Corps had reached the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri rivers in present-day northeastern Nebraska. This part of the journey proved to be significant and exciting primarily because of the new species of flora and fauna they documented. On September 7, 1804, they discovered a unique geologic feature. Lewis and Clark climbed to the summit of the unusual geologic formation known as "The Tower," then descended to the base where they made another significant discovery when they found themselves at the edge of a prairie dog town. These animals were a new species unknown to the scientific world. In one day, and in one area, the Corps made two unique discoveries.

Urban Sites

 S.S. Peter and Paul Catholic School, pdf [BD03-054] Listed 1992/01/07

Built in 1909, the S.S. Peter and Paul Catholic School, located in Butte, is a typical example of the multi-story, brick, "fireproof" parochial school buildings that were constructed in virtually every Catholic community in Nebraska during the first quarter of the twentieth century. These schools were, and are, a symbol of community permanence and progressive interest in parochial education. The building features all the characteristics of a period school: chapel, boarding rooms for the students, and nuns quarters. The school is significantly associated with parochial education in Boyd County, as it was the only Catholic elementary school built in the county.

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