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Rural Sites

Waterman Sod House Waterman Sod House, pdf [DU00-044] Listed 1995/02/17

The Wallace W. Waterman sod house, constructed in 1886, is located in rural Deuel County. The one and one-half story, gable-roof house is a well-preserved example of an original homestead era house, stabilized and expanded c.1925 for continued occupancy. At that time, the sod walls were covered with concrete. A cellar, frame entrance, and second-story loft bedrooms were also added.

Menter Farmstead [DU00-062] Listed 2011/12/07

The Menter Farmstead, with its collection of rock-faced concrete block buildings, was constructed between 1919 and 1928. The John H. Menter family was among the nearly 1,500 settlers who flocked to Deuel County between 1910 and 1920 in search of greater agricultural prosperity created by the elevated prices of wheat during WWI. The Menter Farmstead is also representative of the increasing mechanization and standardization of agriculture during the early 20th century. The mechanized grain elevator at the Menter Farmstead, allowed the family to farm more land with greater ease. Furthermore, instead of relying solely on traditional carpentry skills to build their "modern" farmstead, the Menter family-like countless other Americans-turned to Sears, Roebuck and Company for a cheap and easy alternative.

Urban Sites

  Deuel County Courthouse, pdf [DU02-001] Listed 1990/01/10

Deuel County is located in the western panhandle of the state. It became a county in 1888 when it separated from Cheyenne County. Chappell, which had been platted in 1884, was named the temporary county seat. Big Springs, Chappell, and Froid then competed fiercely for the permanent county seat designation. It required several elections and a court case, but in 1894 Chappell finally retained the county seat. In 1915 voters approved a bond issue for the construction of a new courthouse and jail to replace the original one. The Classical Revival-style courthouse was completed that same year.

  Sudman House, pdf [DU02-002] Listed 1990/12/06

The Fred and Minnie Meyer Sudman house demonstrates a distinct vernacular product of house design, derived from principles of the European Renaissance, which remained popular in all strata of society through the turn of the century. Known descriptively as a two-story, symmetrical, central hall, double-pile house, the Sudman house is a significant vernacular product whose plan incorporates spatial design usually reserved for high-style dwellings. The age and size of the Sudman house make it a prominent local landmark.

Phelps Hotel Phelps Hotel, pdf [DU01-002] Listed 1970/10/15

The Phelps Hotel, located in Big Springs, is typical of many hotels erected during the late nineteenth century in western Nebraska. The building is Deuel County's oldest hotel, constructed in 1885 by the Edwin A. Phelps family, who were among the first settlers in the Big Springs vicinity.

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