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Rural Sites

Mowry Bluff Mowry Bluff Archeological Site [25-FT-35] Listed 1974/07/12

Located near the town of Cambridge, Mowry Bluff is a small Upper Republican Phase hamlet occupied during the twelfth century A.D. The site is located on the crest of a high bluff overlooking the Medicine Creek valley. Archeological work at Mowry Bluff and a companion site on the Missouri River provided a framework to re-evaluate late prehistoric cultural history in the Central Plains.

Red Smoke Red Smoke Archeological Site [25-FT-42] Listed 1974/10/01

Red Smoke, located near Stockville, is one of three Paleo-Indian Tradition sites excavated following World War II in response to construction of the Medicine Creek Dam and Reservoir. Fieldwork uncovered seven distinct cultural layers in the banks of Lime Creek, the earliest of which is about 8,500 years old. The Red Smoke inhabitants were probably large game hunters, who roamed across the Great Plains during and shortly following the last Ice Age. Activities carried out at and near the site include: hunting of now extinct forms of bison and other animals; manufacture and sharpening of stone spear points, knives and scrapers; food preparation; and hide processing.

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