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Rural Sites

 Ash Hollow Cave (NHL) [25-GD-02] Listed 1966//10/15

Archeological exploration of more than six feet of floor material in this rock shelter revealed multiple occupation layers attributed to at least four distinct cultures spanning over 1,500 years. These include protohistoric Apache (A.D. 1675-1725); Central Plains Tradition (A.D. 900-1450); Woodland Tradition (A.D. 0-1100); and Late Archaic Tradition (1000 B.C.-A.D.500). Occupants apparently utilized the cave as a base camp for hunting and food collecting. The excavations, located near Lewellen, have been left exposed to form a permanent exhibit affiliated with a nearby interpretive center operated by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

 Ash Hollow Historic District [GD00-001] Listed 1975/08/06

Located near Lewellen, the district includes several examples of prehistoric Native American occupation, the most interesting being Ash Hollow Cave (see separate summary). Several distinct Oregon-California Trail remnants from the 1840s-60s westward migrations are clearly visible. A pioneer cemetery dating to the 1840s is located in Ash Hollow, and a fur trading post operated there from 1850 to 1853. In 1855 troops under the command of General William S. Harney attacked and defeated a band of Oglala and Brule Sioux in the Battle of Ash Hollow or Blue Water. After the battle a fortified supply depot named Fort Grattan was established near the mouth of Ash Hollow and abandoned in the spring of 1856.

 Lisco State Aid Bridge, pdf [GD00-118] Listed 19920629

Just months after completion of the Lewellen Bridge, the Nebraska Department of Public Works began designing another multiple-span truss over the North Platte River at Lisco. The Lisco Bridge differed from the Lewellen structure in that it consisted of eight, eighty-foot spans, supported by concrete abutments and piers. The structure was completed during the winter of 1927-28.

 Lewellen State Aid Bridge, pdf [GD00-119] Listed 1992/06/29

The Garden County Commissioners first applied for state aid to build bridges over the North Platte River at Lewellen in July 1916. In 1926 the Nebraska Department of Public Works designed a structure for the Lewellen crossing. The design called for the bridge to consist of seven, 100-foot, riveted Pratt pony trusses, supported by piers of fifty-foot long Bethlehem H-piles encased in concrete. The Lewellen Bridge is significant as a strategic crossing of the North Platte River and as one of the last remaining structures from the state aid bridge program.

Urban Sites

 Garden County Courthouse, pdf [GD03-003] Listed 1990/01/10

In an election held in 1909, Deuel County voters approved the creation of Garden County and the older county lost three-fourths of its territory. Oshkosh was established in 1889, but not platted until 1905. In 1909, it won the county seat designation. After the approval of a bond issue in 1921 construction began on the courthouse. The following year the Classical Revival-style building was completed.

 Rackett Grange Hall #318, pdf [GD04-002] Listed 2001/07/05

Constructed in 1926 the hall, located at the former townsite of Rackett, is a one-story, false front commercial building. The Rackett Grange Hall #318 is significant for its association with the Patrons of Husbandry movement. This organization, also known as "the Grange," was originally conceived as a fraternal organization designed to bring farmers and their families together to socialize and to learn new farming techniques. The Rackett Grange Hall #318 was no exception. Based on historical records, it was the focal point of many social gatherings for the otherwise isolated community and surrounding area.

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