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Rural Sites

  Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds, pdf [GF00-012] Listed 1985/05/09

The idea of a permanent rodeo at Burwell was conceived by local real estate man Homer C. Stokes. In 1921 while on a business trip, Stokes attended a rodeo at Norton, Kansas, and decided that Burwell would be a good location for such an event in conjunction with the Garfield County Fair. A corporation was formed, land was purchased, and the erection of permanent structures began. The first rodeo was held in September 1922 and attracted nationwide interest. By the 1930s the rodeo had become one of the major shows on the rodeo circuit. "Nebraska's Big Rodeo" at Burwell is the oldest continuous rodeo in Nebraska and retains most 1922 structures.

 Burwell Bridge, pdf [GF00-013] Listed 1992/06/29

On June 25, 1939, floodwaters washed out the existing Highway 11 bridge over the North Loup River on the northern edge of Burwell. No effort was made to replace the structure until the following winter, when in March 1940 engineers for the Nebraska Department of Roads and Irrigation designed a new steel bridge. The structure consisted of three steel stringer spans, supported by concrete abutments and piers. With a thirty-degree skew, the Burwell Bridge featured a seventy-three-foot span in the center suspended by cantilevered arms from the outside spans, for a maximum span of 109 feet. The Burwell Bridge represents one of the longest cantilevered beam structures identified in the statewide bridge inventory. It is technologically significant for its representation of long-span beam bridge experimentation conducted by the state engineer's office in the 1930s.

Urban Sites

 Burwell Carnegie Library, pdf [GF01-024] Listed 2006/07/11

The Burwell Carnegie Library, constructed in 1914, was funded through a grant from Andrew Carnegie. Construction of this library was a cause first championed by the Burwell Women's Library Club. This building follows the recommendations put forth by the Carnegie Corporation of New York regarding library design, that is, a one-story rectangular brick building with a raised basement. The Burwell Carnegie Library is significant for its contribution to the community as a library that also provided a facility for other educational activities.

The Hub Building, pdf [GF01-038] Listed 2006/07/12

Located in Burwell the Hub Building was constructed in 1906. The three-story structure is built of rusticated concrete block and is prominently located in the town square. The size, name, and location of the building were not a case of happenstance. The original owner, H.J. Coffin, intended the building to be the center of commercial activity for Burwell and the surrounding area. The building did indeed become the "hub" of commercial activity in Burwell, contributing to its growth and prosperity.

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