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Hamilton County Courthouse Hamilton County Courthouse, pdf [HM01-001] Listed 1985/07/29

The Hamilton County Courthouse, completed in 1895, is located in the center of Aurora's business district. Designed by William Gray, an early Nebraska courthouse architect, the building is an exceptionally fine example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style, as applied to the County Capitol form.

 Streeter-Peterson House, pdf [HM01-076] Listed 1991/11/29

The Streeter-Peterson House, constructed in 1900-01, is a significant local example of early twentieth century Neo-Classical Queen Anne-style domestic architecture in Aurora. Substantial in size, the dwelling is further enhanced by its location on a large landscaped

  United Brethren Church, pdf [HM01-168] Listed 2008/12/03

Designed by a Hastings architect, the United Brethren Church in Aurora is architecturally significant. The building was initially completed in 1912 and a 1922 addition converted it to the Akron Plan. Stylistically, the building exhibits characteristics of an English variant of the Tudor Revival style that includes a steeply gabled parapet flanked by castellated parapets. The contrasting dark brick and light decorative stone are another hallmark of this style.
corner lot.

I.O.O.F. Opera House I.O.O.F. Opera House, pdf [HM03-012] Listed 1988/09/28

Built by owners James M. and Joshua Cox in Hampton, the two-story brick building housed retail businesses on the first level, with the opera house and lodge hall on the second floor. The stage has a wooden proscenium arch and a vintage curtain, depicting a nude with flower garlands, fringes, and tassels. The Holden Comedy Company gave the first performance in the opera house in December 1893.

Lutherske Kirke St. Johannes Danske Lutherske Kirke, pdf [HM05-001] Listed 1992/11/13

Built between 1899 and 1915 in Kronborg, the St. Johannes Danske Lutherske Kirke is significant for its representation of a religious grouping of Danish-American buildings in Nebraska, and for its associations with the folk school philosophies of the Danish religious leader, poet, and historian N. F. S. Grundtvig. Many of the activities held in the church and gymnasium hall/school centered on the Grundtvigian teachings. The property is also significant for its instrumental role in the establishment and early development of a Danish-American community in the state. The church and its associated buildings played an important role in the religious beliefs, cultural traditions, and social activities practiced by Danish immigrants in the Kronborg community beginning in the late nineteenth century.

 Temple Craft Building, pdf [HM01-186] Listed 2014-11-12

The Temple Craft building is a two story commercial building in Aurora. The building was originally constructed in 1889 as a fraternal hall with retail space by an alliance of Masonic lodges, which banded together as the Temple Craft Association for a period of fifty years.

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