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Rural Sites

 John M. Daniel School, pdf (District #3; Estelle School) [HY00-001] Listed 1985/05/30

The one-story limestone school building, located just north of the John A. Daniel House, was constructed about 1884-86. The original structure had a flat roof; in 1919 a gabled roof was added. Built by John Daniel, the school operated for approximately sixty-seven years. The school and house are all that remain of the village of Estelle, located near present-day Hamlet.

Daniel House John M. Daniel House, pdf [HY00-002] Listed 1985/05/30

The two-story limestone house, constructed 1876-81, is a remnant of the village of Estelle, near present-day Hamlet, established by John Daniel in 1881. The house was the first post office and general store for the small community. John Daniel and his wife, Mary, came to Hayes County in 1874 from Indiana. Daniel hoped that Estelle would be the county seat, but when Hayes County was organized, Estelle lost the election for county seat to Hayes Center. Eventually the railroad bypassed Estelle, and the post office was discontinued in 1891. The property also contains remnants of a rock corral fence, which Daniel constructed.

St. John's St. John's Evangelical Lutheran German Church and Cemetery, pdf [HY00-004] Listed 1985/05/16

The German-Lutheran congregation was established in 1886, and the present frame church building was constructed in 1925-26 near Hayes Center. The life styles of German immigrant farmers in the community were reflected in the building of a simple yet functional house of worship, which also served as a center for social activities. The property also includes the cemetery, established in 1888. Church services were discontinued in 1973. The building is still used for various religious functions.

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