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in Howard County

Rural Sites

Palmer Palmer Site (NHL) [25-HW-01] Listed 1966/10/15

The Palmer Site, near present-day Palmer, is the location of a Skidi Pawnee village occupied from 1804 to 1844. The village was visited by numerous personalities including Major George C. Sibley (1811), Stephen Long (1819), Reverend Jedediah Morse (1820), Paul Wilhelm, Duke of Wurttemberg (1823), John Dunbar (1839), and others. Earthlodge counts by these individuals range from sixty-four to 145. A portion of the site has not been cultivated, rendering it the best preserved Pawnee community in the state.

Coufal Ridge Coufal Ridge Site (NHL) [25-HW-06] Listed 1966/10/15

Sometime between A.D. 1250 and A.D. 1450 prehistoric Indians of the Itskari Phase established this village on a prominent terrace above Davis Creek, near present-day Cotesfield. Archeological excavations uncovered the ruins of over twenty earthlodges-the greatest number recorded for any Itskari Phase settlement. Coufal, together with six other excavated villages in the Davis Creek valley, provides significant data with which to study late prehistoric adaptation within a restricted geographical locality. Itskari is considered to bridge a gap between late prehistoric villagers and the origins of the Pawnee.

Urban Sites

  Columbia Hall, pdf [HW04-056] Listed 2005/07/22

Located in Dannebrog, Columbia Hall is an irregular-shaped two-story brick building constructed in 1908. Columbia Hall is significant for its association with the Danish Brotherhood in America (DBA) an important organization originally designed to help Danish immigrants adjust to life in the United States. Columbia Hall is an excellent example of a building used by this organization. The hall is especially important to Dannebrog because of the community's strong Danish culture and heritage.

Dannevirke Lutheran Church Dannevirke Community Hall Dannevirke Lutheran Church and Community Hall, pdf [HW05-002, 003] Listed 1999/06/25

The Dannevirke Church and Community Hall are located near Elba. After Danes began settling the area in the early 1870s the town of Dannevirke originated about 1874 with a post office established in 1880. The Community Hall was built in 1901 and quickly became a popular gathering place. Although the town of Dannevirke failed in 1903 the common bond of the Danes in the area continued. After two years of fund raising the church was constructed in 1906. Today these are the only remaining intact buildings from the community and illustrate the importance placed on the public buildings from that era.

  St. Peder's Dansk Evangelical Lutheran Kirke, pdf [HW09-001] Listed 2007/3/21

Constructed in 1919 the church is located in Nysted. The church represents the Danish heritage of Howard County and Nysted in particular. Attendance at St. Peder's Dansk Kirke helped perpetuate the community's Danish heritage. The church's high degree of historical integrity also adds to it architectural significance.

Howard County Courthouse Howard County Courthouse, pdf [HW11-038] Listed 1990/01/10

Howard County was established in 1871, the same year St. Paul was established and named the first county seat. In 1877 the first courthouse was built. By 1912 county officials were interested in replacing the aging building. Construction began in 1912, but because of problems with contractors the Classical Revival-style courthouse was not completed until 1915.

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