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in Keya Paha County

Rural Sites

 Lewis Bridge, pdf [KP00-081] Listed 1992/06/29

In 1922 Keya Paha County Commissioners and representatives from Tripp County, South Dakota, awarded a contract to the Standard Bridge Company to erect a two-span pony truss structure, supported by a steel pile bent substructure. The Omaha-based bridge firm completed the Lewis Bridge near Springview by November 1922. The structure featured typical state-standard Pratt trusses, but onto these the bridge company overlaid a transverse joist girder floor system, a hallmark configuration of the Standard Bridge Company. A handful of these hybrid bridges remain in use today on Nebraska's secondary roads. The Lewis Bridge is technologically significant as one of the best preserved and thoroughly documented among these.

Urban Sites

 Keya Paha County High School, pdf [KP09-001] Listed 1986/12/01

The building is an excellent example of a county high school in Nebraska. County high schools were established in sparsely populated areas of Nebraska to provide a high school education for the youth of the region. As a result of a 1913 mandatory county high school law, Keya Paha County established a county high school in Springview, the county seat. In 1915 a construction contract was awarded to U.S. Weddell, a local builder. Construction began in September 1915, and the school opened on January 26, 1916. Local contractors J. E. Lee and J. H. Mock built an addition in 1929.

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