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Lawrence Opera House, pdf [NU05-001] Listed 1988/09/28

Constructed by Henry Hoeveke in 1901, the two-story brick building, located in Lawrence, had retail space on the first floor, and the opera house was located on the second level. The wooden floor and pressed tin ceiling remain in the opera house interior, but the stage has been removed. Later known as McCauley's Hall, the opera house held performances like "Rip Van Winkle" and "Ten Nights in a Barroom."

 Nuckolls County Courthouse, pdf [NU07-240] Listed 1990/01/10

The county was organized in 1871, during a period of rapid settlement in the state. In 1872 the centrally located community of Nelson was elected county seat over Elkton and Vernon. A modest courthouse was built the following year. The courthouse soon proved inadequate and the county rented space in the Nelson opera house. Attempts to build a new courthouse were initially blocked by the town of Superior, which hoped to gain the county seat, by repeatedly derailing votes on bond issues for the new courthouse in Nelson. Finally, in 1889 a bond issued passed and construction began and was completed the following year.

  Nelson Cemetery Walk, pdf [NU07-241] Listed 2002/12/05

Located in Nelson, the cemetery walk was completed in 1912. The walkway construction a project of the local P.E.O. Sisterhood, who raised the money, had the land surveyed, and hired the contractor. The walkway is still used as a pathway from the community to the cemetery.

 Superior Downtown Historic District, pdf [NU13] Listed 1994/01/21

The Superior Downtown Historic District typifies the growth of a town's commercial district in the region. Like many communities in the region, changes in Superior's commercial district reflected fluctuations in population and in consumer demands. By examining the uses of new construction and the reuse of existing buildings, these changes can be followed and analyzed.

 Kendall House, pdf [NU13-305] Listed 1993/12/10

The Wallace Warren and Lillian Genevieve Kendall House is significant as a locally notable example of the Shingle style. The Shingle style gained only limited popularity in Nebraska beginning in the 1890s, with most extant examples dating after the turn of the century. Built in 1898, the Kendall House represents an early example of the style.

Superior City Hall and Auditorium [NU13-734] Listed 2012/03/12

The Superior City Hall and Auditorium, Art Deco in style, was built in 1936 with the assistance of a Public Works Administration (PWA) grant and loan. Federal relief programs, such as the PWA, sought to alleviate the extreme poverty of the American public during the Great Depression. For the construction of the auditorium, the citizenry of Superior committed themselves to higher taxes, but in return, saw the creation of jobs and a facility that has contributed to the livability of Superior as a charming mid-sized community for the last seventy-five years.

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