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  Grant Commercial Historic District, pdf [PR04] Listed 1996/02/16

Established in 1887 on the C.B.&Q. Railroad line, Grant developed as a commercial hub for this southwestern Nebraska community. Its prosperity originated from the agricultural success of wheat as a cash crop in the early twentieth century and post-World War I years. Significant expansion and construction in the district took place between 1915, just after the start of World War I, and 1929, just prior to the Great Depression; particularly during record wheat production years of 1926 and 1927. The roughly three-block district is primarily early twentieth century one-story commercial buildings representative of the community's economic boom years. Virtually all of the commercial area of Grant constructed since 1910 still exist with outstanding integrity.

  Perkins County Courthouse, pdf [PR04-001] Listed 1990/07/05

Established in 1887, Perkins County was named after the president of the C.B.&Q. Railroad. After two elections, Grant became the county seat the following year. A modest frame courthouse was built that served the county until 1901, when a former bank was acquired for courthouse purposes and used until 1927. In 1926, however, the county passed a bond issue to help finance a new courthouse. The following year the Classical Revival-style building was completed.

  Grant City Park, pdf [PR04-023] Listed 1996/02/16

The Grant City Park is significant for its association with the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The park, with its band shell, benches, rustic stone walls, entrances, and landscape trees is an excellent example of the type of recreational facilities constructed by the WPA and other New Deal public programs. Construction on the park began in 1935 and was completed in 1939.

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