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Rural Sites

Brenstrom Farmstead [PP00-005] Listed 2011/03/21

This farmstead, located in rural Phelps County, is a rare collection of agricultural buildings that reflect farming in this region during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Characterized principally by the production of cash grains such as corn and wheat, farmers here also raised livestock including chickens, hogs, and cattle. As a collection, the farmstead includes several agricultural buildings that are excellent representatives of their type; the chicken house, granary, and large gambrel-roofed barn are particularly noteworthy examples. Additionally, the Brenstrom Farmhouse is a unique and exceptional example of the domestic Craftsman Style as applied to a rural residence in Nebraska.

Urban Sites

 C.B.&Q. Holdrege Depot, pdf [PP04-002] Listed 1997/02/21

The C.B.&Q. (also referred to as Burlington) Railroad laid out a route that bypassed the community of Phelps Center. The company then decided to create the town of Holdrege to facilitate its train operations. The mutually beneficial arrangement between Holdrege and the Burlington Railroad initially resulted in a cordial relationship. Eventually, however, this harmonious situation began to deteriorate as the townspeople clamored for a new depot and the railroad resisted. Under orders from the State Railway Commission, Burlington finally relented and built a new depot in 1911.

Phelps County Courthouse Phelps County Courthouse, pdf [PP04-013] Listed 1990/01/10

Settlers organized Phelps County in 1873 and selected Williamsburg as the county seat the same year. The county seat was moved to the more centrally located Phelps Center in 1879. In 1884 county residents voted to move the county seat to Holdrege, which had been established just one year earlier. The first courthouse (a flimsy and modest structure) was completed even before the election made Holdrege the county seat. A new courthouse soon replaced the first structure. By the early twentieth century, county residents were ready to build yet another courthouse. Construction on this building began in 1910 and by 1911the Beaux Arts-style structure was completed.

Kinner House photo Kinner House, pdf [PP04-293] Listed 2004/04/14

Located in Holdrege the Kinner House was built c.1903. The house is significant for its Neoclassical Revival design, rare in Phelps County. The Kinner House retains a high degree of historic integrity.

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