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in Pierce County

Rural Sites

 Willow Creek Bridge, pdf [PC00-046] Listed 1992/06/29

Configured as a rigid-connected lattice pony truss with latticed guardrails, this small-scale truss was built in 1913 by the Canton Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio. With its lattice configuration, this diminutive structure represents a throwback of sorts to the Town lattice truss used extensively for nineteenth century covered timber bridges. The multiple diagonals of a lattice truss function both in tension and compression at various times while a vehicle crosses over it, making the truss structurally indeterminate. For this reason lattice trusses were seldom used in all-metal configurations for other than short-span applications. All-steel lattice trusses were uncommon even for their period. No doubt several were built on Nebraska's secondary roads in the early 1900s. Through attrition, however, only two are known to remain today: this bridge, near the town of Foster, and another Pierce County structure, also over Willow Creek.

  Meridian Highway, pdf [PC00] Listed 2001/11/29

The Meridian Highway, so named because it closely followed the Sixth Principal Meridian, developed as the major north-south highway beginning in Canada and ending at the Gulf of Mexico. Located in Pierce County, this four-and-one-half mile section of the Meridian Highway is significant as an example of the original 1911 alignment of this early transportation corridor.

Urban Sites

 Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Depot, pdf [PC06-003] Listed 2005/11/16

Constructed in 1880, the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Depot is located Plainview. The Depot is significant for its association with railroad transportation in Nebraska. Additionally, it is an excellent example of a building designed specifically for use as a train depot that retains a high degree of integrity.

 Plainview Band Shell, pdf [PC06-010] Listed 1992/11/12

The Plainview Band Shell complex is located near the northwest corner of a city park in Plainview. Constructed between 1939 and 1942 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the concrete band shell, fountain, benches, and light posts are excellent examples of the Moderne architectural style used for public buildings and structures constructed by the WPA and other New Deal public works programs.

 Plainview Carnegie Library, pdf [PC06-013] Listed 1993/02/25

Constructed in 1916-17, the Plainview Carnegie Library is a one-story with raised basement brick building, with a hipped roof. The building incorporated Prairie style detailing in its design, and displays a Neo-Classical Revival frontispiece. The library's architiectural design is enhanced by the use of dark colored brick in the basement level and accenting window and door openings.

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