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Rural Sites

 Sweetwater Archeological Site [25-SM-04] Listed 1974/07/29

Sweetwater is the type site of the Itskari Phase, a prehistoric Plains Village culture occupying the Loup River basin from the early thirteenth century through the mid-fifteenth century. It includes the remains of earthlodges, storage pits and trash deposits covering a forty-acre tributary creek terrace several miles from the South Loup River near the present-day town of Sweetwater. The Itskari Phase is thought to be the progenitor of Pawnee culture.

Ellie Mae Site [25-SM-20] Listed 2002/02/12

Located in Sherman County, the site is an Itskari Phase hamlet, and contains a minimum of five intact pit houses and four exterior pits. The site represents one of the best preserved Itskari Phase hamlets known in central Nebraska.

Urban Sites

 Frederick Hotel, pdf [SM04-031] Listed 2002/10/16

Constructed in 1913 the Frederick Hotel is located in Loup City. The hotel is significant for its association with the commercial development of Loup City and the building boom of second-generation hotels that was occurring statewide during the first quarter of the twentieth century. The hotels built during this period, as exemplified by the Frederick, were multistory, brick buildings that offered the most modern conveniences and catered especially to businessmen who traveled on the railroad. Aside from providing pleasant quarters for travelers, the new hotels became the symbols of prospering communities with a bright future. For this reason, towns and cities of all sizes thought it was important to showcase a "modern" hotel as an indication of their prominent standing in the state. It is within this context the importance of the Frederick Hotel is realized.

 Loup City Township Carnegie Library, pdf [SM04-079] Listed 2007/12/27

The Loup City Township Carnegie Library is significant for its association with the philanthropy of the Carnegie Corporation in donating funds that allowed small towns across the United States to be able to afford to have their own free standing public library. This property is also significant in the area of architecture as a Neoclassical Revival building designed by the prominent Lincoln architectural firm of Fiske and Meginnis.

  Sherman County Courthouse, pdf [SM04-135] Listed 1990/01/10

Sherman County was organized in 1873 during a period of pronounced settlement in the state. Loup City was selected as county seat and a courthouse was built the following year. However, it burned down the day it was completed. A brick courthouse was constructed in 1878. In 1919 residents passed a measure to levy a special tax to fund the construction of a new courthouse. Work began the following year and in 1921 the Beaux Arts courthouse opened.

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