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in Sioux County

Rural Sites

 Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Site [25-SX-115] Listed 1973/08/28

Sometime between 8000 and 7700 B.C. a group of big game hunters slaughtered and processed more than 600 bison at this site. Archeological excavations focused on a butchering area composed of a dense bone bed concentrated around fire hearths. Numerous stone tools and manufacturing debris were found throughout the deposit. The kill site has not been located; however the massive quantity of bones suggest it was likely at a nearby cliff or ravine. Based on analysis of bison teeth archeologists believe the site, located in the Harrison vicinity, represents a single bison kill, which probably occurred in mid-autumn.

 Harold J. Cook Homestead, pdf (Bone Cabin Complex) [SX00-028] Listed 1977/08/24 amended

The Harold J. Cook Homestead is within the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument in Sioux County, Nebraska. Harold J. Cook was a rancher, paleontologist, and son of James H. Cook, the famed frontiersman and Indian advocate. The complex, which at one time included a cabin, cook shack, and barns, served as a base operation for the Cook family and other paleontologists who excavated at the Agate Springs Fossil Quarries. The fossil deposits are of international scientific importance in revealing the paleontological story of the "Age of Mammals."

 Sandford Dugout, pdf [SX00-032] Listed 2000/03/09

Located north of Mitchell, the Joseph L. Sandford Dugout is significant as the best known example of the folk tradition housing constructed during the settlement period on the plains of Nebraska. The dugout was built in 1897 during a time when houses on the rural plains were still being made in the American Prairie Folk style. Along with sod houses, the dugout played a significant and important role in the settlement of the Great Plains prior to modern transportation, when the availability of mass produced building materials allowed more permanent structures to be built.

  Wind Springs Ranch Historic and Archeological District, pdf [SX00-033, 25-SX-77, 25-SX-600-665] Listed 2000/11/22

Located in Sioux County, the Wind Springs Ranch retains a superb set of characteristics embodying the prehistory and history of the North Platte valley. These resources reflect more than 10,000 years of human occupation of the valley, from nomadic groups of Native Americans to pioneering Euroamerican settlers and cattle ranchers. Although some properties have been modified by natural erosion, these cultural resources are virtually untouched by modern human intervention.

Urban Sites

 Sioux County Courthouse, pdf [SX04-002] Listed 1990/07/05

Sioux County was established in 1877. The town of Harrison, which was platted in 1886, was made the county seat. The first courthouse, built of locally produced brick, was completed in 1888. By early 1929 the old courthouse was in a badly deteriorated condition. In 1930 voters passed a measure to issue bonds for a new courthouse. Construction began that same year and in 1931 the county offices opened in the new Classical Revival-style courthouse.

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