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in Wheeler County

Rural Sites

A.T. Ranch Headquarters A.T. Ranch Headquarters, pdf [WH00-019] Listed 1990/05/02

Often referred to simply as "the Headquarters," it is a large, two-story, concrete-block house with a full attic floor. It is significant for its method of construction and as an excellent example of the Renaissance Revival-style of architecture in an isolated rural setting about five miles from Bartlett. Completed in 1906, the house is also the best remaining structure associated with what had once been a vast ranch that encompassed over 40,000 acres.

Urban Sites

County Courthouse Former Wheeler County Courthouse, pdf [WH01-002] Listed 1990/01/10

Located in the Sand Hills, Wheeler County was not established until 1881, when that area became known as a good place for cattle raising. Cedar City was named the temporary county seat. After numerous elections, however, Bartlett became the new county seat in 1886. The first courthouse was a two-story frame building constructed in 1888, but it was destroyed in a fire in 1917. After acquiring the necessary funds a new courthouse was built in 1918.

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