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How to List a Property

The process of including properties in the National Register of Historic Places is designed with several levels of review. These review levels, and the processes of documentation required for each, are arranged in an orderly and systematic way to insure that the criteria of the National Register is maintained. All procedural considerations are governed by National Park Service regulations (36 CFR 60).

1. Initiation

Requests for National Register listing should be made to the State Historic Preservation Officer, please see our contact page for correspondence information. Materials required to begin the process of National Register listing will be sent, including preliminary forms (pdf) which are designed to identify the potential qualifications of the property. Communicate with the Nebraska State Historical Society to determine if a preliminary survey has already been done on the property.

2. Evaluation

When the completed forms are returned to the Nebraska State Historical Society, the staff will review them, focusing on technical and professional considerations of the potential eligibility of the property. Staff can then also supplement the form with academic and statewide research which can support the nomination of the property. The review will also identify potential weaknesses in documentation, areas needing additional research, or other questions regarding technical aspects of completing the forms. Staff opinions and recommendations will be provided to property owner.

3. Preparation of National Register Nomination Forms

The National Register of Historic Places registration form, along with instructions for its completion, will be forwarded to the property owner after a positive staff evaluation. Staff is available to assist you in the preparation of the form. Upon receipt of a complete National Register form, the property will be scheduled for State Historic Preservation Board review. If the documentation is incomplete, the staff will provide you with comments or assist you in the necessary revisions. Correct, completed and fully documented forms must be received at least sixty days prior to a scheduled meeting in order to be considered at that meeting. This allows time to process the nomination under notification and procedural requirements. If property owners desire to have staff write the nomination, the property can be added to our list of nominations to write. This may draw out the process depending on the backlog of nominations awaiting completion.

4. State Historic Preservation Board

The preservation board meets three times a year to review requests for National Register listing. The board is composed of professionals in architecture, archeology, architectural history, and history, as well as interested lay people. All meetings are open to the public. Comments concerning a request for nomination will be received by the board during the meeting, or they can be addressed to the board by letter prior to the meeting date. Owners, sponsors, and applicants are notified of the board's action following the meeting. Upon the positive action of the board, the nomination is forwarded to the State Historic Preservation Officer.

5. State Historic Preservation Officer

The State Historic Preservation Officer performs the final state level review of the nomination. If the State Historic Preservation Officer agrees that the property is eligible, the form is signed and submitted to the Keeper of the National Register. If the State Historic Preservation Officer does not feel the property is eligible, the applicant will be notified.

6. Appeals

Any person or government entity may appeal the nomination of listing of any historic property. Appeals for nominations may also be made if a property is not accepted for nomination. Appeals are made to the National Park Service and procedures for appeals are found in National Register regulations.

7. National Register of Historic Places

The final review and approval of nominations rests with the Keeper of the National Register, National Park Service.


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