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Tax Incentive Program

 Federal Tax Incentive Program Defined

What is it? Since 1976 the Internal Revenue Code has contained provisions offering tax credits and favorable tax treatments for historic buildings rehabilitated for income-producing purposes. The historic preservation tax incentives have been successfully used throughout the state, promoting the reuse of historic buildings and stimulating private investment in older areas of Nebraska communities. The State Historic Preservation Office promotes these incentives by providing assistance to property owners in qualifying projects under this program.

What buildings are eligible? Current federal law establishes a tax credit for the rehabilitation of historic buildings for commercial, industrial, and rental residential purposes.

What does the Federal Tax Incentive Program do? Developers who rehabilitate historic buildings can claim a percent of the qualified rehabilitation costs in the form of a federal income tax credit, a dollar-for-dollar tax savings. Provisions of the current tax law are found in the Internal Revenue Code.


More Information

Tax Incentive Projects in Nebraska
Read more about individual projects in Nebraska completed under the Federal Tax Incentive Program. Historic name(s) of the property are listed first. When appropriate, the new name given the property after the rehabilitation will follow in parenthesis. It should be noted, however, the new name may change without the knowledge of the State Historic Preservation Office. The number of housing units, either created or preserved, is indicated in italics.

How to Apply for the Program

Certification and the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office

Federal Tax Incentive Program in Nebraska

National Park Service Website - Federal Tax Incentive Program

National Park Service Brochure on the Federal Tax Incentive Program (pdf)


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