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Tax Incentive Program

Certification Request

To apply for the Federal Tax Incentive Program, a certification request must be made.

Please note: Certification requests are made through the State Historic Preservation Office; certifications are issued by the National Park Service.

The request requires completion of a special form, the Historic Preservation Certification Application.
The form is divided into three parts:

Part 1: for evaluating the property's historic qualifications;
Part 2: for describing the rehabilitation project;
Part 3: for requesting certification upon completion of the rehabilitation project.

All applications are submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office, reviewed and forwarded to the National Park Service which makes all final certification decisions after considering the State Historic Preservation Office's recommendations.

The application forms as well as further information are available from the State Historic Preservation Office.
Please see our Contact Information Page.

Property owners are encouraged to retain the services of an architect with experience in historic rehabilitation and to consult a professional tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service on all tax provisions.


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