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Donating Materials to the Library/Archives

Although the Library/Archives has a small budget to purchase material for the collections, most acquisitions are received through donation. We are pleased to consider donations of published items, manuscript materials, public records, sound recordings, motion pictures, photographs, and other documents that relate to the Society's mission and goals.

In rare cases, materials may be temporarily loaned for copying or for microfilming. In all cases of deposit or loan, transactions are governed by a signed contract that stipulates ownership, copyright, access, and disposition. The Library/Archives does not accept materials on permanent loan.

To avoid any conflict of interest, we cannot appraise items being offered to the Library/Archives as donations or loans. Individuals requiring this service for tax purposes will need to consult a professional in this field.

For general information on donating materials to an archival repository, see the following:

If you have questions about donating materials, or if you know of material that you feel should be permanently housed in the Library/Archives, contact the appropriate curator listed below:

Cindy Drake: books and other published works

Paul Eisloeffel: moving images and sound recordings

Karen Keehr: photographs

Tom Mooney: family papers and business and organization records


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Last updated 25 August 2011

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