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Business Records

The records of some Nebraska businesses and corporations are found among the Library/Archives' manuscript holdings. While many such collections exist and more are being added, ranging from a single hotel register to the records of banks, mills, and ranches, some of the Nebraska State Historical Society's most prominent business record collections are those of the Union Pacific Railroad (from its construction era), Omaha's Union Stockyards Company, and the Lincoln Land Company.

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A.H. Dyer Co. (Fremont, Neb.) [RG4050]

A. J. Thompson and Company (Bancroft, Neb.) [RG3482]

A.T. Yost Grocery (North Platte, Neb.) [RG4148] (PDF)

Abie Milling Company (Abie, Neb.) [RG4200]

Advertising Ephemera [RG1600] (PDF)

Aeronautics Collection (Neb.) [RG2929]

Albion Livestock Shipping Association (Albion, Neb.) [RG2012]

American Bank (Beatrice, Neb.) [RG3417]

American Fur Company (St. Louis, Missouri) [RG4235] (PDF)

American Potash Company (Antioch, Neb.) [RG1371] (PDF)

American Savings and Loan Association (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5686]

Arcade Hotel (Valparaiso, Neb.) [RG3798]

Arcade Hotel (Omaha, Neb.) [RG3870]

Archer Central Grain Company (Archer, Neb.) [RG2679]

Arrow Aircraft and Motor Corporation (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3009]

Ashland General Store (Ashland, Neb.) [RG3806]

Associated Mutual Insurance Company [RG3481]


Bailor Cultivator Company (Atchison, Kansas) [RG3028]

Bank of Bellwood (Bellwood, Neb.) [RG4541]

Bank of Commerce (Grand Island, Neb.) [RG4220]

Barker Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG3295]

Bates, Al - KFAB Radio (Omaha, Neb.) [RG4006] (PDF)

Beatrice Creamery Company (Chicago, Ill.; Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3496]

Beatrice Electric Company (Beatrice, Neb.) [RG4565]

Beatrice Light, Gas and Coke Company (Beatrice, Neb.) [RG4566]

Beatrice Starch Manufacturing Company (Beatrice, Neb.) [RG4568]

Bedrock Oil and Gas Company (Omaha and Kimball, Neb.) [RG0875]

Bellevue Land Claim Association (Bellevue, Neb.) [RG1542]

Bench "E" Cattle Company (Chadron, Neb.) [RG0709]

Bischof Hardware Company (Nebraska City, Neb.) [RG3149]

Black's Ranch (Blaine and Brown Counties, Neb.) [RG5648]

Blakley, Reynolds and Townsend (Beatrice, Neb.) [RG3192]

Brenner and Nelson Garage (Randolph, Neb.) [RG0783]

Brownville Creamery Company (Brownville, Neb.) [RG0816]

Brownville, Ft. Kearney and Pacific Railroad Company (Brownville, Neb.) [RG0817]

Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. Land Department (Nebraska) [RG3508] (PDF)

Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. Railroad Structures (Nebraska) [RG4064]


C. F. Eckhart (Dakota City, Neb.) [RG3853]

Cain and House Company (Falls City, Neb.) [RG4214]

Capitol Beach Amusement Park (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG0843]

Carter Telephone Company (Harlan County, Neb.) [RG2773]

Carter White Lead Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG4098]

Catlin and Jewell Farm (Nemaha County, Neb.) [RG0879]

Central Overland California and Pike's Peak Express Company (Atchison, Kansas) [RG0880]

Chase Publishing Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5952] (PDF)

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad [RG0889]

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad - Lines West [RG3913]

Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railroad [RG5590]

Citizens Bank of South Sioux City (South Sioux City, Neb.) [RG5633]

Cliff's Notes (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5887] (PDF)

Coad Brothers (Neb.) [RG0891]

Colburn & Wiedman (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5504]

Columbus Motor Railway Company (Columbus, Neb.) [RG0893]

Commercial Hotel (Kenesaw, Neb.) [RG3214]

Cone Grain Company (Wahoo, Neb.) [RG0895]

Connecticut Fire Insurance Company (Red Cloud, Neb.) [RG3993]

Continental National Bank (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5777]

Cook, Sargent and Parker (Florence, Neb.) [RG4398] (PDF)

Cornhusker Ordnance Plant (Grand Island, Neb.) [RG0825]

Cotner Terrace Restaurant (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5771]

Crawford Co-operative Company (Crawford, Neb.) [RG4221]

Crete Mills (Crete, Neb.) [RG3596]

Cropsey, Bain & Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG0922]

Crowell Lumber and Grain Company (Blair, Neb.) [RG0923]

Cudahy Packing Company (South Omaha, Neb.) [RG1605]

Cushman Motors Incorporated (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3795]


D.P. Rolfe & Co. (Nebraska City, Neb.) [RG5561]

Daily Herald (Omaha, Neb.) [RG0928]

Davis, Fenton, Stange and Darling (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3748]


Evening Star (Ship) [RG0980]

Exchange Hotel (Ashland, Neb.) [RG3874]


Fairmont Foods Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG4218]

Falls City Canning Company (Falls City, Neb.) [RG4213]

Farm Crops Processing Corporation (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG0984]

Farmers and Hallam Telephone Exchange (Hallam, Neb.) [RG0985]

Farmers and Merchants Bank (Humboldt, Neb.) [RG3636]

Farmers and Merchants Bank (McCook, Neb.) [RG3020]

Farmers' Co-operative Grain and Supply Company (Minden, Neb.) [RG3953]

Farmers Grain & Supply Co. (St. Paul, Neb.) [RG5462]

Farmers Insurance Company (Red Cloud, Neb.) [RG3992]

Farmers Lumber Company (Cook, Neb.) [RG4315]

Farmers State Bank (Boelus, Neb.) [RG1523]

Farmers State Bank (Emerson, Neb.) [RG2944] (PDF)

Farmers State Bank (Gandy and Stapleton, Neb.) [RG4372]

Farmers State Bank (Panama, Neb.) [RG0990] (PDF)

Fidelity Trust Company (Fremont, Neb.) [RG5685]

First Bank of Nickerson (Nickerson, Neb.) [RG5630]

First National Bank of Chadron (Chadron, Neb.) [RG4159]

First National Bank (Blue Hill, Neb.) [RG4187]

First National Bank (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG0997]

Florence Ferry Company (Florence, N.T.) [RG5592]

Fort Robinson and Pine Ridge Stage Line [RG1990]

Fox and Glover's Store (Louisville, Neb.) [RG3057]

Frank, Bailey & Farmer, Architects (Kearney, Neb.) [RG5248]


German Old People's Home, Inc. (Omaha, Neb.) [RG0858]

Gilchrest, Hanna and Company (South Omaha, Neb.) [RG3000]

Glenn L. Martin Company (Fort Crook, Neb.) [RG3817]

Goehner Brothers General Store (Seward, Neb.) [RG3305]

Gold & Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG2018]

Graham Ice Cream Company (Norfolk, Neb.) [RG5800]

Grand Central Hotel (Plum Creek and Lexington, Neb.) [RG3971]

Great Western Telegraph Company (Chicago, Ill.) [RG1040]


H.E. Palmer, Son and Company; Foster-Barker Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG3867]

H. Gund & Co. (Campbell, Neb.) [RG4442]

H.H. Parkhurst Lumber Company (Ashland, Neb.) [RG3538]

H.H. Weller Merchantile Company (Staplehurst, Neb.) [RG4530]

H.J. Amen & Co. (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3425]

H.P. Lau and Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3752]

H. Thiessen Pickle Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5508]

Hall Brothers/Norfolk Postcard Company (Norfolk, Neb.) [RG4903] (PDF)

Hammond Brothers and Stephens Company (Fremont, Neb.) [RG3711]

Harrison Nursery Company (York, Neb.) [RG1175]

Hayhurst and Gallaway Hardware Company (Loup City, Neb.) [RG1011]

Hazlett and Jack (Beatrice, Neb.) [RG3734]

Hebron Telephone Company (Thayer County, Neb.) [RG4540]

Herndon House (Omaha, Neb.) [RG3034]

Hibbard Brick Company (Kearney, Neb.) [RG1986]

Historical Windmill Trade Literature Collection [RG5033] (PDF)

Holdrege Memorial Home, Inc. (Holdrege, Neb.) [RG1029]

Hoover and Schmidt Dry Goods Store (Louisville, Neb.) [RG2706]

Hopkins and Stevens (Cortland, Neb.) [RG1095] (PDF)


Independent Lumber and Coal Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1104]


Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Company (Hastings, Neb.) [RG0982] (PDF)

Kearney Opera House (Kearney, Neb.) [RG5637]

Kearney Power Plant (Kearney, Neb.) [RG5638]

Kepner Funeral Home (Osceola, Neb.) [RG4888]

KFMQ Radio (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4094]

Kilpatrick Brothers (Beatrice, Neb.) [RG3724]

Kit Carter Cattle Company (Baylor and Hitchcock Counties, Neb.) [RG4067]

KN Energy, Inc. (Lakewood, Colo.) [RG0982] (PDF)

KMTV - TV (Omaha, Neb.) [RG4628]

Kregel Windmill Company (Nebraska City, Neb.) [RG1626]

Kuska, Val - Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company [RG1431]


L.J. Wolf Co. (Berlin, Neb.) [RG1597]

L.M. Downs Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4234]

Lakota Cattle Company (Neb.) [RG1148]

Latenser, William and Associates (Omaha, Neb.) [RG1155]

Lexington Improvement Company (Lexington, Neb.) [RG3969]

Lincoln Aircraft Company, Inc. (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1163]

Lincoln Airplane and Flying School (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1475]

Lincoln Airplane School (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4172]

Lincoln Art Glass Works (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4033]

Lincoln Electric Railway Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4123]

Lincoln Gas Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1164]

Lincoln Land Company (Neb., Colo., Kan., S.D., Wyo.) [RG3648]

Lincoln Live Stock & Land Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5698]

Lincoln Primary Flying School (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1610]

Lincoln Stock Yards (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1179]

Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG0968]

Lincoln Traction Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG2157]

Linoma Realty Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5452]

Lockwood Hotel (Syracuse, Neb.) [RG3975]

Long Pine House Register [RG1191]

Luhrs and Reynolds (Imperial, Neb.) [RG3785]

Lyric Theatre (Tekamah, Neb.) [RG5625]

Lytle General Store (Ashland, Neb.) [RG3538]


M.H. Lumber Co. (Avoca, Neb.) [RG1612]

M.H. Tilton Furniture Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3652]

Matheson Implement Company (Pilger, Neb.) [RG3536]

Mauck Studio (Plainview, Neb.) [RG5705] (PDF)

Metropolitan Hotel (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4386]

Milldale Ranch Company (Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Neb.) [RG2760]

Miller and Paine (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1630]

Missouri Pacific Railway Company of Nebraska (Neb.) [RG5610]

Molzer Violin School (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5097]


National Crane Corporation (Waverly, Neb.) [RG5516]

Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1771]

Nebraska Colonization Company (Dodge County, Nebraska Territory) [RG4369]

Nebraska Culvert and Manufacturing Company (Wahoo, Neb.) [RG1256]

Nebraska Farmer (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG0721]

Nebraska Implement & Forwarding Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5886]

Nebraska Light and Power Company (McCook, Neb.) [RG1992]

Nebraska Radio Collection [RG3006]

Nebraska Stockyards Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3988]

Neligh Mills (Neligh, Neb.) [RG3551]

New York Fire Insurance Company (Red Cloud, Neb.) [RG3994]

Nichols Hardware Store (Albion, Neb.) [RG4184]

Niobrara River Power Project (Valentine, Neb.) [RG0824]

Niobrara Tribune, The (Niobrara, Neb.) [RG3978]

Norfolk Feed Mills Company (Norfolk, Neb.) [RG3745]

Norris Lyddon Produce Company (Fremont, Neb.) [RG5629]

Northwestern Fur Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5239]

Northwestern School of Taxidermy (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5451]

Noxall Manufacturing Company (Seward, Neb.) [RG5438]


O.A. Cooper Company (Humboldt, Neb.) [RG4106]

Occidental Building and Loan (Omaha, Neb.) [RG1277]

Occidental Hotel (Sutton, Neb.) [RG3664]

Old Reliable Abstract Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG4363]

Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway Company [RG2337]

Omaha Bridge and Terminal Railway Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5538]

Omaha Horse Railway Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG1288]

Omaha Livestock Exchange (Omaha, Neb.) [RG1681]

Omaha Livestock Market (Omaha, Neb.) [RG1085]

Omaha National Bank (Omaha, Neb.) [RG3523]

Omaha Real Estate Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG0738]

Omaha, Lincoln and Beatrice Railway Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3292]

Overing Brothers and Company (Red Cloud, Neb.) [RG1292]


Patriot Manufacturing Company (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5413]

Pawnee Springs Ranch Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG3778]

Pearl Schoolhouse Telephone Company (Cass and Otoe Counties, Neb.) [RG1304]

Penniston and Miller General Store (North Platte, Neb.) [RG3208]

Petersen Manufacturing Company (DeWitt, Neb.) [RG5623]

Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance - Examiners' Reports (Nebraska) [RG4348] (PDF)

Pilger Creamery Company (Pilger, Neb.) [RG3581]

Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company [RG1622]

Platte Valley House (Plattsmouth, Neb.) [RG4320]

Plattsmouth Canning Company (Plattsmouth, Neb.) [RG4224]

Pratt & Ferris Cattle Company [RG4328]


Railroad Timetables Collection (Neb.) [RG1633]

Railroads. Nebraska [RG2430]

Raymond Brothers Clarke Company (Lincoln and Scottsbluff, Neb.) [RG3624]

Rex Hotel (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1359]

Roberts Dairy Employees Credit Union (Grand Island, Neb.) [RG3568]

Roos Grocery Store (Waco, Neb.) [RG1336]

Royal Highlanders (Aurora, Neb.) [RG3962]

Rudge And Guenzel (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3442]


Scribner State Bank (Scribner, Neb.) [RG4447]

Sheldon Manufacturing Company (Nehawka, Neb.) [RG4074]

Shestak and Walklin (Crete, Neb.) [RG1380]

Spargur and Fisher (Chadron, Neb.) [RG1423]

Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Company (Red Cloud, Neb.) [RG3991]

St. Joseph and Denver Railroad Company (Fairfield, Neb.) [RG1365]

St. Paul State Bank (St. Paul, Neb.) [RG1366]

Standard Securities Corporation (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG3733]

States Oil Royalty Co. (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG1644]

Stockmen's National Bank (Rushville, Neb.) [RG3987]

Stuart House (Stuart, Neb.) [RG3760]

Sutton Dry Goods Store (Sutton, Neb.) [RG1450]


TierOne Bank (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5702]

Trampe and Associates (Lincoln and Omaha, Neb.) [RG2009]

Travis & Andersen (Grand Island, Neb.) [RG5597]


Union Pacific Railroad Company (Omaha, Neb.) [RG3761]

United States National Bank of Omaha (Omaha, Neb.) [RG5468]


Vertical Files [RG5000]

Victoria Hotel (Omaha, Neb.) [RG1495]


Walter Savidge Amusement Co. (Wayne, Neb.) [RG1667]

Wauneta Roller Mill (Wauneta, Neb.) [RG1508]

Weaver's Potato Chip Company, Inc. (Lincoln, Neb.) [RG5640]

Webster County Bank (Red Cloud, Neb.) [RG4017]

Western Land Agency (Wheaton, Ill.) [RG1514]

Western State Bank (Western, Neb.) [RG4446]

White Horse Ranch (Naper, Neb.) [RG1714]

Wilber, Nebraska - Newspapers (Wilber, Neb.) [RG1518]

William C. Gallaway and Company (West Point and Neligh, Neb.) [RG4207]

Wm. H. Reckmeyer and Sons (Arlington, Neb.) [RG3655]


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