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First German Congregational Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

RG3022.AM:  First German Congregational Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Records:  1889-1977
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  German congregational church
Size:  2 reels of microfilm


The First German Congregational Church was organized in Lincoln, Nebraska, among a group of German immigrants from the Volga area of Russia. Regular services were held in rooms of the Park School building from May of 1888 until 1889. The congregation was led by Adam Traudt, a student from the Chicago Theological Seminary who left his studies for a year to minister to the spiritual needs of these people. Under the direction of Dr. M.E. Eversz, the superintendent of the German Conference, a church with an adjoining school building was erected at 234 West F Street and dedicated on March 24, 1889. In 1900 the Rev. E.C. Osthoff and some forty families were granted letters of dismissal to organize the German Congregational Zion Church.


This collection consists of two reels of microfilm containing four volumes of the records of the First German Congregational Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. The records date from 1889-1977 and include memberships, baptisms, marriages, deaths, confirmations, and communicants. The older records are written in German. Since the 1940s, English has been used.

The first two volumes were loaned for microfilming in March of 1966. The second two volumes were loaned in January of 1978.


Reel 1

  1. 1889-1899 including:
    Baptisms, pp. 1-106
    Confirmations, pg. 110
    Deaths, pp. 120-149
    Marriages, pp. 150-196

  2. 1899-1919 including:
    Marriages, pp. 1-33
    Baptisms, pp. 176-299 and 308-332
    Confirmations, pp. 300-307
    Deaths, pp. 350-371
    Communicants, pp. 389-433

Reel 2

  1. 1920-1977 including:
    Marriages, pp. 2-24
    Baptisms, pp. 80-143
    Confirmations, pp. 200-206 and 300-312
    Deaths, pp. 400-412

  2. Membership Record, 1901-1942



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First German Congregational Church (Lincoln, Neb.)
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