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Byron McCandless, 1881-1967

RG1196.AM:  Byron McCandless, 1881-1967

Papers:  1938-1939
Size:  1 folder


The collection contains correspondence dating from 1938-1939 between Byron McCandless (San Diego, California) and A.E. Fuller of the Nebraska State Historical Society. The letters discuss information about Rock Creek Station in Jefferson County, Nebraska, as well as information about Wild Bill Hickok and David C. McCanles (Byron's grandfather). Also included is a sketch of Rock Creek Stage Station, McCandless Farm, 1859-1863, drawn by Julius A. McCandless (son of David McCanles) ca. 1938.

Note:  For related materials, see the David C. McCanles collection [RG2220.PH]. The NSHS Library contains various items about David McCanles and the McCanles family, as well as Rock Creek Station and Wild Bill Hickok. See also the Nebraska History index for articles about various McCanles family members.



Fuller, Arthur Edward
Hickok, Wild Bill, 1837-1876
Jefferson County (Neb.) -- History
McCandless, Julius A.
McCandless, Byron, 1881-1967
McCanles, David Colbert, 1828-1861
McCanles Family
Robinson, H.S.
Rock Creek Station (Neb.)


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